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Hazardous Waste
The City hosts a "Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Day" in May of each year.  This is a one-day event where City of Auburn Hills' residents can drop off any materials which are considered Hazardous to the environment and cannot be disposed of with regular weekly trash pickup.  Please look for more information in the Auburn Hills Review, on the City calendar and on this website.

For other Hazardous Waste disposal, here are some suggestions:

Tire Warehouse
250 N. Park Blvd (M-24), Lake Orion
(248) 693-1234
Standard tires (limited quantities - call first. 
You pay them $2.25 each)

Environmental Wood Solutions
(248) 391-9446
3500 Giddings, Orion

Mon-Fri, 7:00 am - 5:00 pm; spring-fall (8:00 am - 4:00 pm winter). Tree stumps, brush, construction debris, and any natural wood materials, for a charge.

Belle Tire
770 Brown Rd
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
(248) 393-3200
Standard Automotive Tires - $3.00 each

Office Max 
4920 S. Baldwin Rd., Orion
(248) 393-2337 
Accepted inkjet cartridges: Lexmark, HP, Dell & Brother only. All kinds of toner cartridges are recycled. Most HP, Lexmark & Dell get $3.00 Rewards credit.

280 Brown Rd., Auburn Hills
(248) 393-7099 
Printer cartridges accepted: Inkjet (HP, Lexmark, Dell); Toner (HP, Lexmark, Dell). Receive $3 coupon towards next purchase when you recycle your cartridge.

Oakland County Sheriff Substation
2525 Joslyn Rd., Lake Orion
(248) 393-0093
M-F, 8:30 am - 4:00 pm 
It is no longer wise to flush medicine in sewers or septic systems and unsafe to place in your garbage. Operation Medicine Cabinet collects prescription medications in sealed baggies which are then contained in a locked metal bin for later incineration. Please create a list and recycle your prescription medicines. You must arrive during office hours listed and sign a dated log. NO NEEDLES. More Info...

Home Depot
4150 Joslyn Rd
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
(248) 393-1004
Compact florescent light recycling

Best Buy
300 Brown Rd., Auburn Hills
(248) 393-0852 
Drop off anytime "spent" compact disks, DVDs, gift cards, rechargeable batteries (not cell phones or laptops). Also accepts nearly all small appliances, electronics, monitors up to 32" only, and flat screens up to 60". A trade-in program is available for game systems and cartridges. Large items are eligible for haul-away and pick-up. More Info...

Quality Lubrication and Oil Change and Auto Center
3450 East Walton Blvd.
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
(248) 373-0086
Motor oil and radiator coolant

Habitat ReStore - Oakland
150 Osmun St., Pontiac
(248) 338-8392
Tue-Sat, 9 am - 5 pm only
Deconstruction Services (313) 384-2176 
Household appliances, cabinetry, fixtures, construction tools and equipment. Please see website for pick-up information and to view a current wish list.

Furniture Bank of Oakland County
333 N. Perry, Pontiac
(248) 332-1300
Mon-Thu, 9 am - 4:30 pm 
Accepts cribs, beds, tables and working appliances for families in need which must be referred via another agency. More Info...

Alexander's Car Wash
720 S. Lapeer Rd., Lake Orion 
Accepts all batteries and many small appliances such as phones, cameras, and all laptops.

Brick-Tec Construction
(248) 941-6809 
Scrap metal hauled away FREE.

Helpful Websites

General Environmental Information in Michigan: www.michigan.gov/deq 

Want to learn about toxins and specific companies WITHOUT bias from advertisers? Visit www.ewg.org 

Banish junk mail - reduce your share of mailbox trash! www.dmaconsumers.org or send a card with your name, address & signature to: Mail Preference Service, DMA, Box 643, Carmel NY 10512

Rechargeable Batteries: www.rbrc.com (or 1-800-8-BATTERY)

Polystyrene or "Packing Peanuts": www.dartcontainer.com

Computer Diskettes: www.greendisk.com