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Miscellaneous Information



Residents will have the option to pay annually, quarterly, or through their homeowners association where available.  All billing will be done directly through WM.  Residents can set up an automatic payment program.


“Snow-Bird” Discount


Once a year a customer will be able to stop service for up to 13 consecutive weeks with prorated bill. The 13 week snowbird option can cover two calendar years (example: from December to January). Residents paying annually and quarterly will be able to take advantage of this option. 

Note from Waste Management:  Bins and informational packets will be delivered in December.  For those residents who will be leaving the state for the winter, before the bins and informational packets arrive, please call WM at 1-800-796-9696 directly to be put on a list for the bins to be delivered at a later date.



Fuel Surcharge Calculation

A fuel surcharge will apply.  It will cause the bid rate to fluctuate up or down based on changes in average quarterly fuel prices above or below $3.86 per gallon.  This fuel price was determined at the time of bid based on an industry accepted regional fuel price index.



Start of quarter fuel price:                  $3.86 per gallon

Average fuel price during quarter:      $4.06 per gallon

Quarterly fuel usage:                       4,500 gallons

Total housing units:                          4,427 housing units


Quarterly Fuel Surcharge Calculation:

($4.06-$3.86 = $0.20) x 4,500 gallons) / 4,427 units =

$0.20 per unit per quarter in additional cost