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Master Land Use Plan
Master Land Use Plan

The Master Land Use Plan, which can be viewed in the links below, provides a graphic illustration of the planned land use for all properties within the City of Auburn Hills. This plan is a guide for future land use development. It reflects a policy statement which is directive rather than regulatory, and is subject to change when appropriate conditions and principles of planning can be met.  This policy is implemented via zoning and development proposals.

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Auburn Hills Master Land Use Plan   Map

A Master Plan That's Neighborhood Driven
Planning in the City of Auburn Hills is best described as community-oriented and neighborhood driven. 

The Master Land Use Plan incorporates the findings of the City’s numerous neighborhood master plans, subarea studies, and policies; which are adopted as amendments to the Plan. If there is a conflict between the Master Land Use Plan and the above mentioned plans and studies, the recommendations of the neighborhood master plan, subarea study, or policy shall govern.

Village Center Neighborhood Master Plan - Adopted 1999
Northeast Corner Neighborhood Master Plan - Adopted 2001, Revisited 2007 and 2015
Vinewood Neighborhood Master Plan - Adopted 2002
City of Auburn Hills Architectural Design Policy - Adopted 2002
Auburn Heights Manor Neighborhood Master Plan - Adopted 2003
Meldrum Acres Neighborhood Master Plan - Adopted 2003
Churchill Neighborhood Master Plan - Adopted 2003
Auburn Heights School Neighborhood Master Plan - Adopted 2005
Central City Neighborhood Planning and Zoning Study - Adopted 2005
City of Auburn Hills Green Building Policy - Adopted 2006
Opdyke Road Corridor Land Use Plan - Adopted 2007
Collier Road Area Master Plan Amendment Study - Adopted 2008
Auburn Hills Downtown Economic Enhancement Study - Adopted 2009
Riverwalk Master Plan - Adopted 2009
West Auburn Road Neighborhood Master Plan (West Downtown) - Adopted 2012
Age-Friendly Auburn Hills Action Plan - Adopted 2015
Northeast Corner Neighborhood Master Plan (Amendment) - Adopted 2016

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Steven J. Cohen, AICP
Director of Community Development 

Shawn Keenan, AICP
City Planner