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Detour Routes

I-75/University Drive
Diverging Diamond Interchange

A Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) is a type of interchange designed to increase capacity, decrease congestion, and minimize new construction cost.

A DDI is different from traditional interchanges that you would typically encounter when entering or exiting an interstate freeway. They allow for free left turn movements, meaning that left turning vehicles will not cross in front of opposing traffic. By eliminating this movement, green time can be increased at traffic signals resulting in improved intersection capacity and safety.

The University Drive Bridge over I-75 will be closed during the construction of the interchange. MDOT has conducted a survey which concluded that the 96.7% of those who participated preferred to close the existing bridge during construction. This will decrease construction time by up to 10 weeks and costs of approximately $500,000.

Construction will begin in spring of 2015 and is expected to open to traffic in fall of 2015.

Click HERE for the informational brochure. This can also be picked up at City Hall.

Contact: Department of Public Works
Phone: (248)391-3777
Email: dpw@auburnhills.org