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What actions is the City taking to control the Culex pipiens mosquito?

The City will be expanding its current Mosquito Control Program to help reduce your chance of contracting WNV. Our mission is to control the Culex pipiens mosquito that spreads the WNV.

Investigation has revealed that one of the preferred breeding sites for the Culex pipiens are storm water catch basins.  These structures are primarily located along the sides of streets and in parking lots.  There are two main reasons these structures are have been found to be a preferred breeding site; 1) These features often contain stagnant water that is often fowled with decaying organic material and other pollutants and 2) there are no “mosquito predators” found in these structures.

What is the City’s Mosquito Control Program? 

  • Public Education - The City will be educating citizens and staff on bite avoidance, and how to eliminate breeding areas on their property through brochures, cable PSAs, newsletters, and future web site information.
  • Larva Surveillance - The City has set up a trap to sample container-breeding Culex species as well as inspect catch basins to determine the most effective time to start treating catch basins.  Although breeding is dependant upon weather conditions the Culex pipien usually begin breeding in mid May.
  • Catch Basin Treatment - Once it is determined that breeding has begun, treatment of street side catch basins and City parking lot catch basin will begin.  Catch basins will be treated with the larvicide, Altosid. Altosid is a growth regulator that prevents mosquito larvae from developing to adults and lasts up to 150 days.
  • Adult Mosquito Monitoring – The City will monitor the adult mosquito population to determine if additional treatment is necessary, as well as, to measure the effectiveness of the program.

For additional information on WNV please contact:

Oakland County Health Division

(877) 377-3641


State of Michigan

(888) 668-0869


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention