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Fleet & Roads
The Fleet & Roads Division of the DPW is responsible for maintaining over 180 lane-miles of City streets and rights-of-way. This includes plowing and salting, patching potholes and replacing asphalt and concrete on all city-owned roadways. The division is also responsible for ensuring proper drainage of roadways, clearing catch basins, grading gravel roads and creating traffic signs. Additionally, the Fleet & Roads Division provides maintenance on all city-owned vehicles to ensure safety and optimized reliability.

The DPW works diligently to ensure all City-owned roadways are clear of potholes, roadkill, large debris, and dangerous snow and ice conditions. To determine which organization manages your roadway of concern within Auburn Hills city limits, click here.  If the roadway is managed by the: 

  • Auburn Hills DPW, call (248) 391-3777
  • Road Commission for Oakland County, visit their website, or call (248) 858-4804
  • Michigan Department of Transportation, call (248) 451-0001
  • Privately-Owned, call the street's owner or property management company
Snow Removal Response

The City begins to salt and plow major roads as soon as snow starts to accumulate. Hills, curves, intersections and school entry roads are a priority when there is any snowfall that causes slippery conditions. The City will begin plowing residential streets once major and local roads are complete. This operation takes approximately 24 hours. It is the DPW's goal to clear all City streets within 12 hours of the conclusion of a snow/ice storm. Read More...

Pothole Reporting

Potholes form when snow/rain water is absorbed into the ground below the surface of the road. As temperatures drop and the water freezes, the ground below the roadway expands, and the road surface expands as well. As temperatures increase and the ice melts, the ground below the road surface returns to its original state, while the surface does not, creating a gap between the surface and the ground. When vehicles drive over the cavity, the ground surface breaks, forming a pothole.  Read More...

Sign CreationSign Making2

The Sign Department's responsibility is to create, install, repair, and replace all City and street signs, as necessary. This is done in a manner which while informing motorists, keeps sign pollution to a minimum. The Auburn Hills DPW makes all of its signs in-house and follows a strict set of guidelines to determine size and placement of each sign. If you notice that a sign has been damaged or stolen, please notify the DPW at (248) 391-3777