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Cross Connection Control Program

One of the requirements State Health Regulations impose on all water purveyors, is that they have a program for identifying and eliminating cross connections to the potable water system.

Our goal is to assure all our residents safe drinking water and we believe that our program to identify and eliminate any possible cross connections is a vital link towards this goal.  We want to assure our customers that the very last user on our water line has water that is just as safe as the very fist user and that nothing has entered the system in between.

Pursuant to the ordinance regulating our Backflow Prevention Program our inspectors will be conducting SURVEY INSPECTIONS of the potable water system in building(s) under your control.  This survey is needed to identify those potable water systems that require the installation of a Backflow Prevention Device. 

Compliance with this program is mandatory.

Should you need further information on the Backflow Prevention Program, please contact the Backflow Prevention Control Officer at the Department of Public Works, (248) 391-3777 or Email: tinnes@auburnhills.org

Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report can be faxed to (248) 391-4895 or emailed to backflowprevention@auburnhills.org.

Click here for a list of some of the Certified Backflow Testers in the Auburn Hills area