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Sewer Back-up

If you discover a back up of the sewer system you should contact the Water and Sewer Department at (248) 391-3777 immediately. After regular business hours, call the Auburn Hill’s Police Department's business phone at (248) 370-9444.The City will check the sewer main to see if the back up is caused by something beyond your building service connection. City's Sewer Back-up Policy included below.

Please contact The Department of Public Works at (248) 391-3777.

Public Act 222: Sewer Back-up Legislation 
The State of Michigan passed a new law, Act 222 of Public Acts of 2001, which clarifies the conditions under which municipalities are liable for sewer backups. The Act sets standards to determine the extent to which a municipality is liable for backups and establishes a process that affected persons must follow to seek compensation when a backup occurs. The City does not have legal authority or obligation to repair a private sewer lead.
Anyone making a claim for property damage or physical injury must prove that the public sewer had a defect. Further, the person must prove that the governmental agency knew, or in the exercise of reasonable diligence, should have known about the defect. Also, it must be proven that the governmental agency having the legal authority did not take the reasonable steps in a reasonable amount of time to repair, correct or remedy the defect. Finally, the defect must be 50% or more of the cause of the event and the property damage or physical injury. 
If you experience an overflow or backup of a sewage disposal system or storm water system, and intend to make a claim, you must file a written claim with the City of Auburn Hills Department of Public Works within 45 days after the overflow or backup is discovered. Claim forms are available (At Bottom of Page) Claims must be mailed to the City of Auburn Hills DPW, c/o Mark Michling, 1500 Brown Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326.
Failure to provide the required written claim within the allotted time will prevent recovery of damages.  If you are interested in receiving additional information or have any questions concerning this new law, please feel free to contact: The City of Auburn Hills Department of Public Works, Mark Michling, Manager of Public Utilities at 248-391-3777 or mmichling@auburnhills.org

After 5:00 p.m., weekends and holidays, please call the Police Department at (248) 370-9444. Please be prepared with type of emergency, location, name of caller, and contact information.
Non-Emergency questions and concerns can also be directed to The Department of Public Works during the hours of 8am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.
Telephone: (248) 391-3777
Email: dpw@auburnhills.org

Water Main Breaks

If you detect a water main break which does not have a barricade unit on or by it, please call the Auburn Hills Water and Sewer Department at (248) 391-3777 between the hours of 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday. After hours please call the Auburn Hills Police Department at (248) 370-9444 so they can call the appropriate person.

Once we receive notification of a water main break a crew is sent to ascertain the severity of the break, set up a barricade and possibly locate the break at that time. Before the repair can be made Miss Dig needs to be called. This ensures us that the work area is staked out by other utilities providing us with a safe work site. The severity and safety prioritize water main breaks.
Should your water become brown or rusty for any reason, please refrain from drinking it.  Try to keep your usage down to a minimum, because the more you use, the longer it will take to clear up in the home or business.  The brown water is due to a disturbance of the sediment in the bottom of the water main.  This condition should clear itself once the water main is repaired and flushed clear.  Flushing your plumbing may be required to remove residuals that are present there.  If this condition is extended, please call us at (248) 391-3777.

Sewer Back-up Policy.pdf