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Public Utilities
The City of Auburn Hills DPW Water and Sewer Division is dedicated to proper maintenance and operation of the water distribution and sanitary sewer systems. This ensures the water distribution system is clean and safe for both consumption and for fire protection needs and the sanitary sewer system has adequate wastewater discharge without disruption.
In doing so, our crew of trained individuals maintain approximately 180 miles of water main and 118 miles of sanitary sewer main. The division is staffed by a Utilities Manager, 2 Crew Leaders, and 10 Operators.
The following is some of our programs we actively pursue to achieve our mission;
Hydrant Maintenance Program 
Hydrants, used for flushing and fire fighting, need periodic maintenance. This program is designed to provide scheduled maintenance to every city-owned hydrant. Each hydrant is also checked for operational integrity thus ensuring that, in an emergency, they are ready for use. The department also continues to emphasize hydrant painting as part of this program.
Valve Maintenance Program
The Valve Maintenance Program is designed to provide maintenance to the distribution system valves, making sure they are properly mapped, easily accessible and operating correctly. This program will help avoid potentially serious problems when need for the valve arises, especially in emergencies.
Meter Maintenance Program
The meter program coordinates the planning, installation, testing and maintenance of water meters. Currently, meters are read at all service locations, which include commercial, industrial, multi-family, and residential properties. The meter is read wirelessly each month by a meter reader. Scheduled checks of the meter occur periodically to be sure it is working correctly and repairs are made if necessary. The City replaces meters which are fifteen years old or more. When the meter is due for this replacement, a notice will be mailed to the water consumer. There is no direct charge for this service.
Wastewater Maintenance Program
The wastewater maintenance program is responsible for cleaning, inspecting, televising, and repairing the City’s sanitary sewer system. Cleaning the sewers involves using a vactor jet truck. This truck allows for crews to cleans lines by using a high pressure water nozzle and a vacuum. Televising the sewer lines follows and involves the use of a sewer line inspection system. A camera, mounted on a motorized sled, powers through the sewers recording any defects found. All deficiencies are then documented, prioritized by severity, and repaired.
Cross Connection Control Program
A very important component in monitoring water quality is the cross connections control program. A cross connection is a point in the system where the potable water system is in contact with an unapproved source and a back flow could occur.  The program monitors all back flow devices that protect the system from a potential hazard which could contaminate the potable water supply.  State and local ordinances require regular testing of the devices. The program monitors each account to see that every device is in good working condition and protecting the water supply for all to enjoy. See tab for further details.