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Firefighter/paramedic standing next to ambulance

The Auburn Hills Fire Department (AHFD) is proud to provide an exceptional level of Emergency Medical care to the citizens of Auburn Hills, Michigan. Medically related emergencies comprise over 80% of the annual responses the Department encounters.

The AHFD is currently licensed by the State of Michigan as an Advanced Life Support (ALS) agency. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) functions such as early Defibrillation, Endo-Tracheal Intubations, and Intravenous Drug Therapy help bring procedures once reserved for the emergency room to the patient in a more expedient manner.

The Firefighter/Paramedics of the AHFD have dedicated much time and put forth a great personal effort to provide the best possible medical care to those in need.

One of the frequent comments we hear from our customers is: "I called for an ambulance, not a fire truck". The AHFD will use the closest unit system for dispatching to lower response times for service. Due to the nature of the call, more manpower may be necessary. This will, at times, lead to a fire truck response first followed by an ambulance.

The AHFD will continue to keep up with changing trends in emergency medicine and continue to provide the most efficient and effective patient care possible.

AHFD uses Mobile Health Resources (MHR) for medical service invoicing and collecting. For any questions regarding an invoice you received for medical services from the AHFD, Please call 1-800-903-0107.