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Severe Weather
Where is the best location to seek shelter?
In home: A basement offers the greatest safety. Seek shelter under sturdy furniture if possible. In a home without a basement take cover in the center of the house on the lowest floor in a small room such as a closet or bathroom or under sturdy furniture. In a manufactured/mobile home or vehicle: Leave and go to a substantial structure before the storm arrives. If there is no shelter nearby, lie flat in the nearest ditch, ravine or culvert with your hands shielding your head.
At work or school: Follow plans to move to interior hallways or small rooms on the lowest floor. Avoid areas with glass and wide, free-span roofs. (Schools, factories and office buildings should designate someone to look for severe weather and initiate an alarm.) In open country: If possible, get into a sturdy building, or lie flat in a ditch or depression and hold onto something on the ground.
Also, FEMA has a downloadable pamphlet regarding tornado safety. 
In Auburn Hills, the Oakland County Emergency management will activate tornado sirens as needed.
Why is the siren going off?

A tornado siren will activate for three minutes, which warns the community that a tornado has been sighted somewhere in Oakland County or there is sustained wind in excess of 60 mph. Seek shelter and listen to radio or television for more information.
There are 6 sirens in Auburn Hills located at
-Avondale High School
-Will Rogers School
-Baldwin Rd at Lake Angelus Rd
-Daimler Chrysler Tech Center
-Giddings Rd at Harmon Rd
-3758 N Squirrel Rd, North of Tienken Rd & South of Dutton Rd
Each siren is capable of covering about a one mile radius from its location. The sirens are designed to alert citizens who are outside but citizens inside buildings may hear the siren if they are close to the siren location.
Tornado Siren Test Schedule
-First Saturday of each month at 1:00 pm, March - November.
-Siren tests are NOT conducted during December, January or February due to winter weather.