A Message from the Chief

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Welcome to the Auburn Hills Police Department website! I am Jeff Baker, the new Chief of Police for the City of Auburn Hills, it is a pleasure and honor to lead such a fine, professional group of men and women that work very hard each day to keep our community safe. 

Our police agency firmly believes in our mission to "continually improve the safety and quality of life within our community, through a broad base of traditional and innovative services while protecting constitutional and basic human rights."

The Auburn Hills Police Department is committed to professionally serving those in our community and ensure your policing needs are met in a timely manner.  As the Police Chief, I can attest to the commitment our staff has in serving our residents and visitors with respect under all circumstances.

Community policing is at the heart of our organization and is emphasized at every level. Our community partnerships are established by the daily efforts of our officers and support staff to maintain the confidence of those we serve.

Top priorities for members of the Auburn Hills Police Department are to keep our community safe and secure, foster relationships through dignity and admiration, mentoring young people and to solve neighborhood problems.

Whether you live  or are visiting our beautiful area I encourage you to take a few extra minutes to check out the wonderful events, restaurants, shopping areas and parks we have to offer.

Please check out our website and feel free to contact me, our command team, officers or support staff at any time if you have questions or need assistance.

Auburn Hills is a great place to be, thank you for visiting our website!

Chief Jeff Baker