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Physical Agility Test

In all events of the agility the applicant will wear provided helmet, turnout coat and SCBA air pack. It is advised to wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. All events are timed and scored either pass/fail. 

Stair Climb 

  • Simulates: Advancing hose lines into a building at a fire scenes. Tests balance; awareness of body position and movements; lifting strength. 


  • procedure: Carry a 75 pound bundle of hose up three flights of stairs (approximately 45 steps)



Hose Drag / Couple

  • Simulates: Actual moving and coupling of hoses at a fire scene. Tests eye-hand coordination; manual dexterity


  • Procedure: Pull sections of hose which weigh approximately 50 pounds each, a distance of 100 feet and couple them with a fixed connection (male/female connection).



Ladder Operation 

  • Simulates: Positioning and climbing the one person ladder at a fire scene. Tests eye-hand coordination; awareness of body position and movement.


  • Procedure: Remove a 14 foot ladder from its mounting on the side of a fire truck, position it against a wall; climb the ladder, touch a marked location on the wall, return to the ground and remount the ladder on the truck.



Rescue a victim

  • Simulates: Rescue of an injured person at an emergency scene. Tests lifting strength stamina in maintaining muscular exertion and balance


  • Procedure: Carry or drag a dummy weighing approximately 120 pounds up and down two flights of stairs (approximately 30 steps) from a starting and ending point 20 feet from the stairs.



Hose Pull 

  • Simulates: Pulling hose lengths or equipment to upper floors at a fire scene. Tests eye-hand coordination; control of respective muscle use' lifting strength; any claustrophobic reaction.


  • procedure: Standing on a third story window, pull 50 feet of utility line (rope) then 50 feet of hose which is tied to the line over a pulley assembly until the hose nozzle reaches an indicated location.



Joist Walk 

  • Simulates: Walking on attic or unfinished joist construction at a fire scene, while carrying equipment. Tests balance, lifting strength, awareness of body position and movement.


  • Procedure: Carrying a 50 pound coil of hose, walk the length twice of a 28 foot ladder laid on the ground, stepping only on the side rails and without stepping off the ladders.



Forcible entry 

  • Simulates: Use of an axe to break into buildings or to create ventilation openings in floors, roofs, etc. at a fire scene. Tests eye-hand coordination; upper body mobility and control; repetitive maximum exertion.


  • Procedure: Swing a fire axe 15 times at a ground-level target, using a full overhead 2-arm swing.