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Equipment Check

Before you get on a bike and ride away you need to check several things.

  • Make sure your bike is the proper size.  When standing on the ground there should be a 1-3 inch gap between you an d the top bar. (You will need slightly more room if riding a mountain bike.)

  • Check your bike seat. Is is tight? Is it at the right height? When you are sitting on the seat with your foot on the pedal, your leg should be slightly bent.

  • Make sure you have a reflector on the front and back of your bike. The rear reflector should be red and at least 3 inches across. Make sure it is pointed straight back so it properly reflects a car's headlights.

  • Check the bike's chain to make sure it is clean and lubricated. If not take it to the local bike shop.

  • Check your brakes for even pressure. They should make your back wheels skid on dry pavement, but you don't want them to stick.

  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated.