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How Do I Properly Fit My Helmet?
  • You want the helmet to be comfortably touching the head all the way around, level and stable enough to resist even violent shakes or hard blows and stay in place. It should be low enough on the head to maximize side coverage with the strap being comfortably snug.

  • Take your time to make sure everything is fitting properly. Everyone's head is different it could take ten to fifteen minutes or longer to get it right.

  • Use the Fit Pads: Helmets come with at least one set of foam fitting pads, and if your helmet came with a second set of thicker pads these can be used to customize the fit to you head. You can remove the top pad and replace it with a thinner one to lower the helmet on your head. This increases side impact protection but could reduce airflow through the helmet. Place remaining pads around the sides, front and back of the helmet so they all comfortably touch the head. The pads will compress over time but not enough to count on for a proper fit if the helmet is too tight.

  • Adjust the Straps: This becomes the tricky part and the most time consuming. You want the chinstrap snug against the chin, with the V of the side straps meeting just below the ear with no slack to let the helmet rock back and forth. If the chinstrap hangs down visibly or you can slide two fingers under it, it is too loose. Next, pay attention to the rear stabilizer if the helmet has one. It can keep the helmet from jiggling in normal use.

  • When you think the straps are about right, shake your head around. Then put your palm under the front edge and push up and back. Can you move the helmet more than an inch or so from level, exposing your bare forehead? If so you need to tighten the strap in front of your ear, and perhaps loosen the rear strap behind your ear. Now reach back and grab the rear edge of the helmet and pull up. Can you move the helmet more than an inch? If so you need to adjust the nape strap.

Just like a good pair of shoes or you seatbelt your helmet should be so comfortable that you forget that you are wearing it.