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Day Trips
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Why do good programs get cancelled?
Nothing kills a good program or trip faster than everyone waiting until the last minute to register. Registration deadlines are very important for planning purposes, for Community Center staff and for the travel companies, instructors or speakers. If there are not enough registered participants by the deadline, the class or trip will have to be cancelled.  So please……Register Early!!!!  Thank you.

COVID-19 Travel Update

This fall, we have decided to limit the number of trips we are offering due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are making every effort to keep our travelers safe and due to the changing circumstances of travel and accommodations, we have decided that it is best to proceed with caution regarding travel. You will notice that the trips listed below do not have prices. All trips are interest only. This means you are able to put your name down for these trips, but no money will be collected. In the event that trips are confirmed and able to go, we will notify you and collect payment.

More trips may be added as the season progressed dependent on the status and implications of COVID-19. Please check our website or call for more details.


If you would like to receive travel updates via email, email nstasyk@auburnhills.org and we will send you updates as new trips are added.


We are excited to bring back this popular day trip to Holland, Michigan! This day is packed, beginning with a family style lunch at the Beechwood Inn and moving on to shopping in downtown Holland. Then we will be heading to the Windmill Island Gardens, where there is a 250 year old working Dutch windmill that is 125 feet tall! This is a great day getaway, roundtrip via deluxe motor coach.
Date:   Monday, 05/03/2021 
Fee:     $97.00 - Interest Only   #351139

Let’s take a trip to the zoo! Explore the amphibian conservation center, take a ride around the zoo, or enjoy strolling amongst the animals. Lunch will be on your own at one of the many snack bars. Senior bus transportation.
Date:   Wednesday, 06/02/21
Fee:     $20.00 - Interest Only   #351140

ROYAL EAGLE RUSSIAN HIGH TEA - Back by popular demand!
We are excited to take a trip to the Royal Eagle to enjoy an Elegant Russian High Tea. Guests will enjoy 7 delicious courses and a large variety of teas. You won’t be disappointed in the beautiful landscape! Dress code to attend available at front desk. Senior bus transportation.
Date:   Thursday, 07/15/21
Fee:     $30.00 - Interest Only   #351141

Farmer’s markets can be a great way to find local, fresh produce and learn more about your community! We will be visiting the Oakland County Farmer’s Market where you will have a chance to explore, shop, and have lunch. Lunch will be on your own at the Red Wood Grill, which provides onsite BBQ fare. Senior bus transportation.
Date:   Thursday, 08/05/21
Fee:     $8.00 - Interest Only   #351142

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