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Tax Information
2018 Summer Taxes are payable from July 1, 2018 through September 14, 2018 without interest. Payments must be received in the Treasurer’s Department by this date, postmarks are not accepted.

2018 Winter Taxes are payable from December 1, 2018 through February 14, 2019 without interest. Payments must be received in the Treasurer’s Department by this date, postmarks are not accepted.

  • Please examine your statement closely to assure accuracy.
  • Check your parcel I.D. number before paying your taxes. You are responsible if you pay on the wrong parcel.
  • Failure to receive your tax bill does not waive interest and/or penalties.
  • Tax and Water payments must be made on two separate checks.

To look up property taxes, you must create an account with BSAOnline. Click on the link below for instructions.

BSAOnline Account Instructions

Property Tax Lookup (including breakdowns, prior years, also building department info)

Special Assessment Lookup (includes any Multi-Year special assessments including road improvements or paving)

A Closer Look - This is an explanation of each millage that comprises your Tax statement

To look up deferment facts - Summer Deferment FAQ's

To look up deferment application - Summer Deferment Application

If you need Adobe Acrobat - Download Adobe Acrobat to view our documents

Delinquent Tax Payments:

Tax payments for the 2018 tax season are payable at the City of Auburn Hills Treasurer's Department through February 28, 2019.  As of March 1, 2019 all delinquent property taxes are payable only to the Oakland County Treasurer, 1200 N. Telegraph Road, Pontiac, Michigan, 48341.  To contact the Oakland County Treasurer’s Office call  (248) 858-0611.

To find out and pay delinquent tax amounts - Delinquent Property Taxes  

Step Forward Michigan Loan Rescue Program: 

For eligible homeowners who could use help with paying their delinquent mortgage payments or property taxes, Oakland County is participating in the Step Forward Michigan Loan Rescue Program.  An eligible homeowner is one who owns and occupies their residence (no land contract holders), faces a hardship such as sickness, loss of job, divorce, or under employment, and has delinquent mortgage payments and / or property taxes.  If you have experienced any of these issues, you may be able to receive help via this program.

Please call the Oakland County Treasurer's Office at (248) 858-0624 for further details or to begin the application process.  You must also meet certain financial criteria.  Certified housing counselors working with Oakland County are available to answer your questions.  You may also go to Step Forward Michigan Loan Rescue Program or www.stepforwardmichigan.org for further information.

Tax Rates

2018 Combined Tax Rates
2018 Winter Tax Rates
2018 Summer Tax Rates
2017 Combined Tax Rates
2016 Combined Tax Rates
2015 Combined Tax Rates

2014 Combined Tax Rates
2013 Combined Tax Rates
2012 Combined Tax Rates  
2011 Combined Tax Rates  
2010 Combined Tax Rates  

Fiscal Years

When purchasing or selling a home, the closing title company often pro-rates the taxes based on the amount of time each party lived in the home. However, not all taxing authorities operate on the same fiscal year. To help better understand, we have provided below a list of the fiscal year sheets. Each one contains a breakdown of the taxing authorities and their corresponding fiscal year.

2018 Fiscal Years
2017 Fiscal Years
2016 Fiscal Years
2015 Fiscal Years
2014 Fiscal Years