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Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
 The Auburn Hills Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (BRA) uses Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to clean up polluted properties (aka "Brownfields") within the city.  The BRA, with approval from the City Council, captures TIF revenue to reimburse land developers for cleanup costs that they would not have otherwise incurred if they had developed a "Greenfield " site.  This is done when cleanup costs cannot be recovered from the person or entity that caused the pollution.  Michigan Public Act 381 controls this process.
The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) enforces Michigan regulations regarding the cleaning of contaminated properties.  Developers must submit analysis of the contaminants on the property and plans showing how a safe cleanup will be accomplished. 
Redeveloping a brownfield causes a developer extra delays and added red-tape.  In return, a developer can sometimes find a property in a prime location, or a larger parcel than is available elsewhere in the city.  In addition to the reimbursement of pollution cleanup costs, developers can claim up to $1 Million in state Single Business Tax credit.  For it's part, the public receives a less-contaminated site that will not be hazardous to people who live near it; a "revolving fund" to help pay for other cleanups; and, after other costs are covered, increased tax revenues from a redeveloped site.
Auburn Hills Brownfield Redevelopment Plan Summary
AH Commerce Park
Joslyn Collier, LLC
Projects on Site
Joslyn Commerce Park:
Unique Fabricating, Inc, located at 800 Standard Parkway, is a 150,000 square foot manufacturer of foam that is cut into finishing pieces to use as shims and sound reduction foam pieces to be placed in automobile doors, dashboards, etc.  It has as estimated value of $3.5 million. 
Three projects will be completed on three (3) separate parcels totaling 25.5 acres.  The project is located on the northwest corner of Jolsyn and Collier Road.  The three projects represent an overall investment in real property improvements in excess of $10 million and upon completion of these projects, it is estimated that 400 jobs will be created in the community.
History of Site
In 1998, the property was vacant.  Before that time, the land appeared to have been used for agricultural purposes over the years.  McDowell & Associates visited the subject property in May 2002 to provide access to an on site monitoring well.  The property was determined to contain hazardous substances as defined under existing environmental laws and regulations. 
Brown Road, LLC-4430 Lapeer Road
Projects on site:
Dutton Corporate Center:
AtlasCopco is a 58,700 square foot research technology facility located at 2996 Dutton Road.  It has an estimated value of $4.6 million. 
This is a 100 acre site that the developer proposes to develop six (6) separate projects, a multi-building 1.2 million square foot high tech research and light industrial site.  This project represents an overall investment of approximately $100 million.  Completion of this project is estimated to create as many as 3,000 jobs within the community.  This information is based on the Brown Road, LLC Development Plan.
History of the Site
This site was undeveloped land until the early 1960's when it was purchased by two developers (Bookmeyer and Gardener) who developed the site as Silver Bell Ski Lodge.  The developers accepted fill material to increase the size of the proposed ski lodge.  They included such waste as foundry sand, scrap metal and 55-gallon drums.  The company went bankrupt in the 60's and then the property was purchased by Fons.  They operated a solid waste landfill on the western half of the site and accepted waste during the 1970's.  Reportedly, the site only accepted household rubbish originating from the City of Detroit.  The landfill ceased operations in 1979, prior to the enactment of Solid Waste Rules (Public Act 641) and was never lined or capped, nor were complete leachate collection or methane venting systems installed in accordance with current regulations.  Since that time, the site has remained dormant, with the exception of the Fons residence.  The Brown Road Group has now purchased the property, making it suitable for development. 

Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors:

Christopher Slocum, Chairman

Craig Capen, Vice Chairman

Larry Douglas

Henry Knight, City Council Liaison

Wes Schaar

Brandon Skopek, Executive Director
bskopek@auburnhills.org 248.364.6806