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1827 N. Squirrel Road
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Are you contemplating business expansion, purchasing or constructing a new facility or
acquiring new machinery and/or equipment? If the answer is “YES”, please read on …
Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRB’s) provide small to medium-size manufacturing
companies which are financially sound, the opportunity to finance the acquisition of new
and used fixed assets at attractive rates and terms. IRB’s offer the following:

Interest Rates: As low as 3.5% Eligible Businesses: Mfg. companies

Loan Amount: $1 million to $10 million Term: up to 30 years

Down Payment: Variable (can be $0) Funding Source: Private bank/Public Sale

IRB’s, which are issued by government development corporations such as the Auburn
Hills Economic Development Corporation, are private-activity bonds that benefit private
companies who are the true obligors of the indebtedness. Interest earned by IRB investors
is exempt from federal and state income taxes, which results in a tax savings that is
passed on to the manufacturing company in the form of a lower interest rate – often
substantially below prime rate.

To learn more about this attractive source of financing, please call Stephanie Carroll,
Manager of Business Development and Community Relations at 248.364.6802.