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Goals and Objectives

Auburn Hills City Council

2018 Strategic Goals & Objectives

I. Focus relentlessly on fiscal sustainability

  • Maintain long-term unrestricted general fund balance of expenditures no less than 25%
  • Evaluate existing & alternative revenue sources (storm water utility; road/infrastructure)
  • Continue to reinvent the way we procure goods & services associated with performance of basic government operations across all departments
  • Analyze the fiscal viability of the golf course, present a plan to City Council
  • Continuously assess organizational structure & human resources to encourage professional development and continuous learning
  • Engage in legislative revenue advocacy & awareness

II. Deliver outstanding city services

  • Establish a citywide PASER standard for roads
  • Encourage citizen participation via increased awareness
    o Additional streaming opportunities/on-demand interface
    o Investigate new apps for stronger citizen engagement
  • Respond to generational & cultural needs
    o Connect kids to mentors – job skills (engage Teen Council)
    o Opportunity for growth: 21-50 year olds (incl. our corporate community)
    o Establish a Student Government Day
  • Attract & retain a talented customer-focused workforce (be the employer of choice)
    o Increase wage ranges to remain competitive
    o Work toward a workforce that is more reflective of the community
    o Advertise in more diverse media (HR, ongoing)
  • Extended hours in selected departments (time shifting preferred)
  • Investigate options for providing citywide wi-fi 
  • Advocate for improved educational opportunities for students in Auburn Hills
  • Strive for timely water leak detection
    o Meter reading analysis
    o Customer education toward water leak awareness
    o Investigate leak detection technology

III. Drive progressive community development

  • Analysis of rental property (locations, permitting, compliance)
  • Review pros & cons of licensing businesses
  • Continue downtown development & expansion to increase population, inventory, & jobs by viewing development with assistance of DDA/TIFA, brownfield redevelopment. Encourage pride of ownership (business appearance, hours of operation) 
  • Further develop M-24/Opdyke Road Corridor 
  • Continue enhancement & stewardship of Clinton River Corridor. Create plan to improve Country Kitchen site
  • Develop Mound Steel & Superior Concrete properties
  • Comprehensive study of underutilized properties for redevelopment
  • Strategic property purchases for redevelopment

IV. Create a vibrant, sustainable, & connected community

  • Review options/opportunities for local transit (e.g., encourage OU Bear Bus routes to downtown)
  • Consider path development for walking/biking to connect City (incl. maps, education, advertising)
  • Improve walkability score assessment
    o Increase community walking groups, communicate & incentivize 
  • Extend Auburn Hills University to residents
  • Employ social media to educate residents on City services & facilities