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Goals and Objectives

Auburn Hills City Council

2020 Strategic Goals & Objectives

I.      Focus relentlessly on fiscal and operational sustainability

  • Maintain long-term unrestricted general fund balance of expenditures no less than 25% while fulfilling vital infrastructure and employee retention needs
  • Identify & implement a 2020 millage election strategy
  • Continue to pursue new revenue streams, acting upon opportunities as they become available
  • Commit additional funding for legacy costs
  • Require consistent departmental budget implementation & accountability

II.    Deliver outstanding city services

  • Seek tech improvements in line with current trends in IT
  •      Information kiosks in various city locations
  • Identify new/additional opportunities for council & staff to engage citizens
  • Respond to generational & cultural needs
  •      Connect kids to mentors – job skills (engage Teen Council)
  •      Opportunity for growth: 21-50 year olds (incl. our corporate community)
  •      Establish a Student Government Day
  • Increase police presence in neighborhoods
  • Create a police youth academy & fire academy or Fire Department cadets

III.   Drive strategic community development

  • Continue to foster Palace site redevelopment
  • Continue downtown development & expansion
  •      Encourage vertical development to 4 stories
  •      Create public gathering space
  • If significant interest, utilize Brownfield Redevelopment Authority for redevelopment
  • Further develop M-24/Opdyke Road Corridor
  • Execute plan for Country Kitchen site, including effort to increase water flow in river corridor
  • See it through with Mound Steel & Superior Concrete plan
  • Create better strategy & execution for property purchases and sale of city-owned properties
  • Maintain citywide PASER standard for roads
  • Enhance Hawk Woods Park 

IV. Continue to grow a vibrant, sustainable, safe & connected community

  • Continue to enhance community engagement via communications, e.g., construction, developments, events
  • Make safe pathway connections in undeveloped areas, where desired by residents
  • Invest in NW section of the city, including a pathway on Joslyn & bench on Collier
  • Continue to increase corporate engagement
  • Continue to connect with school-age children
  • Continue to keep Auburn Hills friendly and livable for all ages
  • Enhance public safety:
  •      Improve city readiness for major emergency events
  •      Analyze and establish police and fire staffing levels to enhance public safety and align with national standards
  •      Analyze & evaluate civic center campus security measures to protect employees and the general public
  • Appropriately fund the Census 2020 effort 

V. Retain & attract high quality employees

  • Expand our robust internship program across the organization
  • Maintain and grow a talented, customer-focused workforce
  • Investigate support services to attract and retain employees
  • Invest in employees through ongoing training & development
  • Evaluate compensation, recognizing the financial ability of the community to pay
  • Focus continuously on succession planning