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PRESS RELEASE - Operation Medicine Cabinet

Police Badge New
Operation Medicine Cabinet

Citizens can now dispose of their unused or expired prescription medication safely in the Operation Medicine Cabinet at the Auburn Hills Police Department. Those prescription drugs sitting unused in your medicine cabinet could pose a public safety and public health risk. Unused or expired prescriptions disposed of improperly may get into the water supply or be a target of those seeking to feed drug abuse habits.  According to the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, studies show that a majority of abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends, including from the home medicine cabinet. A secure drop box has been placed in the lobby of the Public Safety building located at 1899 North Squirrel Road, in Auburn Hills. Citizens can drop off unwanted prescription medications as long as they are and they are sealed in a container(s) 24/7, no questions asked.

What can go in the box? Prescription drugs only! This means legal medications obtained through a prescription from a medical doctor. What cannot go in the box? Needles, biohazard items or illicit substances.  Biohazard items would be items that contain blood or other bodily fluids or were exposed to blood or bodily fluid. Needles are any type of hypodermic or injection device both used and unused.  Illicit substances/drugs- marijuana, heroin, meth, crack/cocaine, and synthetic cannabinoids etc.

Auburn Hills is the twenty-third enforcement prescription drug drop-off locations in Oakland County.

Media Contact Lieutenant Jill McDonnell  Public Information Officer 248-364-6861