Road Projects

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As we approach the end of winter, spring will bring many road and infrastructure improvements to Auburn Hills in the 2018 construction season.   Road and infrastructure improvement projects  are listed by agency  for the Auburn Hills area. 
Please keep in mind that RCOC and MDOT project information is subject to change at any time. 


Downtown Auburn Hills

Contractor:     Pamar Enterprises, Inc., New Haven, MI

Project Scope:    Water main replacement, Auburn Road ( N. Squirrel to Cherryland) and S. Squirrel (Auburn to Primary), curb bump outs to better identify on-street forward angle parking, tree planter box rehabilitation,  concrete removal on  Auburn from Churchill to Cherryland with new asphalt paving.  Concrete removal  on N. Squirrel  from Auburn to  the Clock Tower, reconstruction of  the Clock Tower intersection to a single lane roundabout with new asphalt pavement. New asphalt pavement S. Squirrel (Auburn to Primary).                    

Project Date:      April through November 2018

Traffic Control:   Traffic routing will vary throughout the project.  Road and lane closures will be provided as pre-construction plans are finalized.

Detour Route:     TBD during various phases of the project.

Riverside Park Amphitheater and Splash Pad Project

Contractor:        Warren Contractors and Development, Shelby Township, MI

Project Scope:   Construction of new amphitheater, plaza and splash pad.

Project Date:     April through November 2018

Detour Route:   Not applicable.

Hamlin Road (Squirrel to Rochester Hills City Limit)

Contractor:      In coordination with RCOC/ Rochester Hills Hamlin Road Project (Auburn Hills City Limit to 500 feet east of Adams Road).   Contractor to be named by RCOC.

Project Scope:    Concrete removal and replacement

Project Date:      Scheduled for June start,  September 2018 completion.

Traffic Control:    RCOC plans to construct while maintaining one way traffic for the project duration.   Eastbound  will be closed while westbound is reconstructed and vice versa.

Detour Route:     Adams to M-59 to Squirrel and vice versa.

N. Squirrel Road (Chrysler Drive to Walton)

Contractor:          Hartwell Cement Company,  Oak Park, MI

Project Scope:    Concrete patching.

Project Date:       June to  July 2018.

Traffic Control:    One lane open southbound and one lane open northbound while concrete patching work is performed. 

Detour Route:     None.

Pontiac Road (University to Commonwealth)

Contractor:             Angelo Iafrate Construction Company, Warren, MI

Project Scope:      Water main replacement, pathway connection under the I-75 underpass, asphalt mill and overlay of the roadway.

Project Date:         April to late June 2018.  (Project will be completed before RCOC Opdyke repaving  begins in this area)

Traffic Control:      Road will remain open during most phases of water main replacement under traffic control in the immediate work area.  During asphalt paving, the road will be closed to two way traffic with one way traffic  westbound during the paving phase of the project.

Detour Route:       Opdyke or Perry to Walton to N. Squirrel to University to westbound Pontiac Road. 

Opdyke Water Main Replacement

Contractor:             To be announced

Project Scope:       Water main replacement Opdyke Road from Featherstone to Walton Blvd.  In coordination with RCOC Opdyke Resurfacing Project.

Project Date:          May to November 2018.

  • Traffic Control:       Lane closure on southbound travel lanes. Other short term closures are likely.
  • Detour Route:        Coordination with RCOC and any detours for the water main replacement portion of the project will be announced.

Giddings Road (Auburn Hills City Limit to Brown Road)

Contractor:      MDOT bid letting in May/June with contractor to be determined.

Project Scope:      1.59 miles of 4 inch asphalt mill and overlay, curbing repairs, ADA crosswalk improvements at Giddings, Harmon and Brown Road intersections.

Project Date:         Mid July through November 2018.

Traffic Control:      Traffic will be one way  northbound during the construction period.

Detour Route:       Detour plans to be announced. 

Great Lakes Crossing, Chrysler Drive East, Chrysler Drive West

Contractor:        Highway Maintenance & Construction Company, Romulus, MI

Project Scope:      Asphalt Maintenance, slurry seal.

Project Date:         Late summer /early fall.

Traffic Control:      Rolling convoy to apply slurry seal asphalt emulsion product,  temporary lane closure, typically 3-4 hours before lane is re-opened to traffic.

Detour Route:       None.

 RCOC (Road Commission for Oakland County) PROJECTS:

Opdyke Road (Auburn to Lapeer Road)

Contractor:       Bid letting in March, contractor to be announced.

Project Scope:    Replacement of bridge over Clinton River closes Opdyke between Auburn and M-59 from April to November 2018.

Project Date:      Bridge construction and closure to begin in April.  Pavement mill and overlay is tentatively scheduled for July. Project completion November 2018.

Detour Route:     Bridge closure detour route is Auburn Rd. to Martin Luther King Blvd to M-59 to Opdkye and vice versa.

Hamlin Road (Auburn Hills City Limit to 500 feet east of Adams Road) in Rochester Hills

Contractor:           Bid letting in May, contractor to be announced.

Project Scope:     Concrete removal and replacement.

Project Date:        RCOC plans to start in June and complete by September 2018.

Traffic Control:     RCOC plans to construct while maintaining one way traffic for the project duration.   Eastbound  will be closed while westbound is reconstructed and vice versa.

Detour Route:      Adams Rd. to M-59 to N.  Squirrel Rd. and vice versa.

Walton Blvd (Squirrel to east of Adams Road (Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills)

Contractor:           Bid letting in May, contractor to be announced.

Project Scope:     Storm drain improvements crossing Walton Blvd through Oakland University Property.  Asphalt mill and overlay.   Storm work this year with possibility of resurfacing taking place late 2018 or  early 2019.

Project Date:       To be determined, summer of 2018 start.

Traffic Control:    To be determined, likely limited to one lane of travel in each direction.

Detour Route:     To be determined.

Baldwin Road (Morgan to Waldon)- Orion Twp.

Contractor:            Dan’s Excavating,  Macomb, MI

Project Scope:      Ongoing project from 2017 to widen this segment of roadway to 4 lanes with five new roundabouts.

Project Date:        Entire 2018 construction season

Traffic Control:     One lane maintained in each direction through the construction season

Detour Route:      None reported.

Adams Road (Square Lake to South Boulevard)- Troy.

Contractor:      To be determined, June bid letting.

Project Scope:      Asphalt repaving

Project Date:         To be determined, tentative July start.

Traffic Control:      To be determined

Detour Route:       To be determined

South Boulevard (Opdyke to .4 miles east)- Auburn Hills/Bloomfield

Project Scope:      Part of annual on-going preservation overlay program for several locations throughout the County.  Mill and asphalt overlay program.

Project Date:         To be determined

Traffic Control:      To be determined. This program typically has intermittent lane closures while work is performed with manual traffic control at the work area.

Detour Route:       None.

 MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation) PROJECTS

I-75 Business Loop/Perry Street/Lapeer Road/M-24 (Widetrack to Harmon Road)

Contractor:          April bid letting, to be announced.

Project Scope:   Asphalt mill and overlay, storm drain repairs, traffic and crosswalk signal upgrades.  Perry and Walton- new signal configuration with ADA crosswalk upgrades.

Project Date:      April through November 2018. 

Traffic Control:   Daytime work on storm structures, signals and crosswalks.  Asphalt work and other work in roadway will be scheduled for nights and weekends.

Detour Route:    None reported.

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