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Age-Friendly Auburn Hills  
The city of Auburn Hills is dedicated to be an ideal place for people of any age or ability to live, work, and play. With this goal in mind, the city sought and received designation by the Michigan Office of Services to the Aging as a “Community for a Lifetime”. The CFL program is part of a broader national movement called Creating Aging Friendly Communities and was developed by the Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging in 2007 with input from the State Advisory Council on Aging. 

In 2013, Auburn Hills was the first municipality from the State of Michigan to be accepted into the in American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Age-Friendly Communities Network. Members of the AARP Age-Friendly Communities are committed to providing the older residents in their community the chance to have fulfilling, dynamic, and safe lives. The Age Friendly Communities Network Program is a five year, four stage process. This program involves an assessment of the community, creation of an action plan, implementation of the plan, and evaluation of its performance. 

The overall mission of the Age-Friendly Auburn Hills initiative is to transition into a city where all generations are welcome. As a city, we are committed to engaging our citizens by providing opportunities for residents to assess what that city does well, and suggest ways to improve. Through Auburn Hills' open citizen forums, community members can come together to plan a future that includes age-friendly initiatives and retain citizens for life. 

The initiative is led by Karen Adcock, Auburn Hills’ Director of Senior Services and Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development. Together, Cohen and Adcock are responsible for overall operations of the project. In addition to serving as liaisons to City Council, City Manager’s office, City Planning Commission, AARP, WHO, and the community, they will work closely with a leadership advisory team. This team includes community partners, community advisory volunteers, supporting community members and city department stakeholders.


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Action Plan Development
The Age-Friendly Action Plan is a guide that identifies action items for the city to achieve over a period of three years. The development of this plan allowed residents to share their thoughts with city government and discuss about what Auburn Hills does well and what we should make a priority for the future.
This Action plan was created from several interactions with older residents, including:

  • Seven Community Conversations (spring 2014)
  • Survey of Auburn Hills residents – Ages 50 or older (Sep. 2014)
  • Five focus groups (fall 2013- fall 2014)
  • Business Roundtable with local business and nonprofits that interact with older residents (Jan. 2015)
  • Three Age-Friendly Auburn Hills Action Plan Development Committee Meetings (Feb. 2015 –March 2015)

These community engagement opportunities were selected in an effort to give seniors, and businesses or nonprofits that interact with seniors, a chance to participate and give their feedback on improvements the city could make. Through these events, the community identified 20 action items along with steps, resources, obstacles, solutions, possible partners, a timeframe, and indicators of success.

The action plan categorizes the 20 action items into seven domains of livability that impact the quality of life for Auburn Hills’ residents of all ages.

  • Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Community Health Services
  • Social Activities
  • Volunteer and Civic Engagement
  • Communication and Information

Learn more here about AARP’s Age Friendly Communities Network. To learn more about Auburn Hills’ senior citizen services, contact director Karen Adcock at 248-364-6794 or