Room Details:

Clear liquids are permitted.

Renters are required to follow posted Gym Rules.

Reservations must include set-up time and clean-up time within the time frame of the rental.

Equipment is available to use. Please inquire during your rental call or appointment.

Fee Details:

Fees and deposits are charged according to current published rates available at the front desk.

Gymnasium rentals require a $25.00 or $50.00 deposit and full payment at the time of booking.

Rental Rates
  Resident  Non-Resident 
 Full Gym  $70/hr $140/hr 
Half Gym   $35/hr  $70/hr 
Deposit  $50  $50 

Birthday Party Packages:

Our Birthday Party Packages include a 2-hour block in either our Wesson Room or Carriage Room, and 1 hour in half of our Gym.
Your 1-hour gym rental must be one of the 2 hours you are renting the Wesson or Carriage Room. 

Birthday Rental Rates
  Resident Non-Resident
Wesson  $65 $130
Deposit $50 $50