Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some frequently asked questions involving the departments of the City of Auburn Hills. Click on the department link below to navigate to the question you may be searching for.



Community Development 



Senior Services


Community Development

Building Permit Information

Where do I go to apply for a building permit?
To apply for a building permit, please visit the Community Development Department at 1827 N. Squirrel Road. We are located in the Administration Building on the Civic Center Campus.  Permit applications can be found on line at

When is a Building Permit needed?
A permit is needed when any owner or authorized agent intends to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system, the installation of which is regulated by this code, or to cause any such work to be done, shall first make application to the building official and obtain the required permit. A more detailed description can be viewed HERE.

How long does it take for a permit to be processed?
Each case stands alone but the normal turn around time for a permit is 3 – 5 weeks.

How much does a permit cost?
Permit fees vary depending on the project. A fee sheet for Community Development is available HERE.

What needs to be submitted to obtain a Building Permit?
To obtain a building permit you must submit a Building Permit Application, three sets of building plans (signed and sealed for commercial projects), three plot plans, and the signed building permit application (where applicable).

Do you take credit cards for payment?
No, we only accept cash or checks for payment.

Do you know our largest industrial buildings in Auburn Hills?

The chart below it indicates the substantial presence of the largest industrial buildings.

 Company Name  Location  Size (Sq. Footage) Year Built 
 FCA US LLC  800 Chrysler Dr  5,400,000  1992
 ABB Robotics  1250 Brown Rd  526,500  1985
 FANUC America Corporation  1100 West Entrance Dr  461,525  2019
 Gardner White Furniture  4445 Atlantic Blvd  455,045  1999
 George P Johnson Company  3600 Giddings Rd  430,338  1995
 Delphi (Multi-Tenant)  3000 University Dr  420,812  1988
 Comerica  3701 Hamlin  404,427  1984
 Volkswagen  3800 Hamlin  337,922  1992
 Faurecia  2800 High Meadow Circle  278,387  2013
 US Farathane  2700 High Meadow Circle  238,755  2010
 Borgwarner  3800 Automation  237,231  2001
 Weber Automotive   1750 Summit Dr 230,000   2001
 Hirotec America   3000 High Meadow Circle  215,015  2015
 FCA US LLC  1075 West Entrance Dr  210,000  2001
 Legend Valve  300 N. Opdyke Rd   205,992 1995/2018

*Red color indicates under construction


How do I obtain demographic information regarding the city?
Please call us at 248.364.6806 to request demographic information as it is kept updated and available at all times.

How does one inquire about available land?
Information is available on parcels of land as this office is notified by various developers and residents. There are times when this information is unavailable due to there being no listed referrals. Even when there are referrals, individuals are encouraged to contact a broker for assistance as it is their major function to know what is available. This office has compiled a list of brokers in this area for your convenience. For more information, please call (248) 364-6900.

How does one get assistance in developing a business plan?
Interested persons may contact this office at (248) 364-6900 for an overview on the process of developing a business plan. Additionally, they may be referred to the Small Business Office at Oakland County’s "One Stop Shop". The County provides packets of information describing how to develop a plan and also they sponsor workshops at a nominal cost of which many people find very helpful.

How does one acquire an overview on the economic condition of Auburn Hills?
Persons interested in an overview, please call (248) 370-9440 and we will assist you.

What is the City’s policy regarding tax abatements?
The City’s current policy regarding tax abatements is to offer them to existing Auburn Hills companies seeking to expand in Auburn Hills. Tax abatements are processed through the Assessing Department. For more information, please contact the Assessing Department at 248-370-9436.

How do I make a complaint about another property in my neighborhood?
You would call Building Services/Ordinance Enforcement at 248-364-6948 for Ordinance Enforcement concerns.

How many pets am I allowed to keep at my property?
You must contact the Police Department at (248) 370-9444 for information regarding pets.

Are there restrictions on where I can park my RV?
Yes, you may only park your RV inside your rear yard.

I want to split my lot. Can I do that?
Whether or not you can subdivide your property depends on a number of factors including: zoning, lot size, access requirements, easements, etc. For more information, you can speak directly with Shawn Keenan, Assistant City Planner at 248-364-6926; review the instructions for land divisions on this website; or stop by the Community Development Department building Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

How do I find out what the zoning is on my property?
Please give us a call at 248-364-6900 and we will assist you. All property in the City is zoned, and the restrictions on development vary from one zone to another. When you call, please be able to identify the property by a specific address or parcel number. If you wish to stop by our office, we have zoning maps available for viewing and/or purchase.

What is happening next door?
Often times you will see signs that development is likely to be occurring soon in your neighborhood. For example, you will see stakes in the ground used to mark property boundaries or building locations, grading (changing of the ground level) occurring, or paint marks on the streets and sidewalks indicating underground utility locations. When you see these early signs, you can call us at 248-364-6900 to find out what is going to go there in the near future.

What should I do when I receive a public hearing notice?
A public hearing is a process that is intended to provide members of the public an opportunity to address the Planning Commission on matters concerning land development and other public interests. If and when you receive a public hearing notice or see a public hearing sign posted on a property: - You may call the phone number listed on the notice to speak directly with Shawn Keenan, Assistant City Planner, for additional information on the project.
- You may review the application materials on file at the Community Development Department.
- You may mail or fax (248-364-6939) your written comments concerning the project to the Community Development Department. You may appear before the Planning Commission to give your testimony on the day of the hearing.

What is the Citizen Participation Ordinance?
The purpose of the Citizen Participation Ordinance is to ensure that both developers and citizens have adequate opportunities early in the planning process to discuss, understand, and try to resolve neighborhood issues related to any potential impacts of a proposed project on the surrounding neighborhood. The Ordinance applies to mostproposed private and public development projects occurring within 1,000 feet of residential zoned property. For more information, you can contact Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development at 248-364-6941.

What is a master land use plan and where can I get a copy of it?
The Master Land Use Plan for the City of Auburn Hills was adopted in November 2002. The document serves as the City's plan for future growth and development. The plan includes the community's goals and recommendations for appropriate locations of residential, non-residential, and public land uses. It is developed and maintained with public input, helping the City grow in an orderly manner. The Master Land Use Plan is updated on a continuing basis to reflect changing needs over time. A copy of the plan is available free of charge at the Community Development Department or online,HERE.

Senior Services

How old do you have to be to be a senior participant?
Any one 55 years or older are eligible, they can receive a Community Center card if they are residents of Auburn Hills. For Non-Residents you can pay a small drop in fee for sports programs, additional fees for other classes.

Do you offer senior meals at the center?
Meals are offered 5 days a week at the Community Center. Call the Senior Department at 248-370-9353 for more information.

Is there a senior transportation bus for rides to doctors, community center, etc.?
Yes, call the Community Center at 248-370-9353 to request assistance. Transportation is for Auburn Hills residents age 62 and older and disabled. No transportation is available for rides to school or work. For other transportation options contact SMART at 1-866-962-5515.

Who do I call about Meals on Wheels?
Call 248-608-0264 (Older Persons Commission) to make arrangements. Volunteers from the Auburn Hills Community Center will deliver meals 7 days a week.

What kind of classes are available for senior citizens?
Everything from Arts & Crafts, Language classes, Cooking classes, Fitness , Travel and more. Each quarter new classes are introduced and request to research new classes are always welcome. The Auburn Hills Review is mailed out to residents listing all the classes. Click HERE or contact the Senior Department at 248-370-9353 for more information.

Do you have programs to assist with lawn mowing, snow plowing or minor home repairs?
Yes, there are several programs that are for income eligible seniors and residents. There is a lawn mowing and snow removal service for income eligible seniors and disabled homeowners. We also have a Minor Home Repair program for income eligible seniors and disabled residents and a Mobile Home Repair program for income eligible homeowners with no age restrictions. Registrations and applications are required. Contact the Senior Services Department at 248-370-9353 for more information.

What if I need major home repairs and am low income?
Contact Oakland County Community and Home Improvement at 248-858-5402. They offer low interest and zero interest home loans for income eligible Oakland County homeowners. Applications are also available through the Senior Services Department.

Is there subsidized housing in the area?
Yes, there are several complexes both for families and seniors. You can all Oakland County Housing Counseling at 248-858-5402 or the Senior Services Department at 248-370-9353 for more information.

Where do I apply for food stamps?
For Auburn Hills residents, you can apply with the Department of Human Services located in Pontiac. Contact them at 248-975-2145 for more information.

Where do I apply for Social Security to get a replacement card?
At the Social Security Office located at 1280 Pontiac Rd., Pontiac. Toll free number is 1-800-772-1213.

How do I become a volunteer in the Community?
Call the Senior Services Department at 248-370-9353 and ask for the Volunteer Coordinator. She will explain all available opportunities.

Where can we rent rooms for parties and business meetings?
At the Community Center. This is no alcohol allowed or smoking inside the building. Rates vary for resident and non-residents. Call 248-370-9353 for more information.

I need assistance with food, my utilities or other needs whom can I contact?
The Senior Services does offer many assistance program and referrals to local agencies. Contact the Senior Services Director for assistance. For more information about senior programs and services please contact the Senior Services Department at 248-370-9353