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Bill Griffin, City Assessor

Bill is responsible for the assessment administration and supervision of the assessor’s office. The office identifies and values all of the taxable real and personal property in the city. The assessor also defends all of the property assessments before the Michigan Tax Tribunal. Bill has been working in the assessment administration field for 35 years. His experience includes both the public and private sector. He holds the Michigan Master Assessor Certification and is a Certified Personal Property Examiner. He is a member of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO), Michigan Assessors Association (MAA), Southeast Chapter Michigan Assessors Association (SCMAA), Oakland County Association of Assessing Officers (OCAAO) and Macomb Assessors Organization (MAO). Bill is also a graduate from Eastern Michigan University (Hurons).  

The mission of the Assessor’s Office is to annually provide the residents and property owners of Auburn Hills with fair and equitable assessments; to provide information to the general public that is accurate and reliable and mindful that service is the reason for our existence; to provide information to other city departments efficiently and allowing them to better perform their duties; to provide all of these services in a professional and courteous manner which complies with the Charter of the City of Auburn Hills and the constitution and laws of the State of Michigan.

The Assessor’s Office is a valuable source of information for the public, maintaining data on each parcel of property in the City.  This includes plat maps and record cards for every property in the city. 

Another function of the Assessor’s Office is to record, maintain and edit the status of each parcel of property in the City to determine whether it qualifies for a “principal residence exemption” for a portion of school tax. The office also analyzes deeds and affidavits on every transferred property within the City that would trigger an “uncapping” of taxable value in accordance with Proposal A.

The Assessor’s Office operates under the provisions of the General Property Tax Act of 1896, as amended along with any applicable City of Auburn Hills Charter provisions. 

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Assessing Office - 248-370-9436
Fax - 248-475-0127

Bill Griffin, MMAO (4)
City Assessor 

Marie Collias, MMAO(4), ASA, IFA
Deputy Assessor 

Ben Griffin, MAAO (3)
Commercial/Industrial Appraiser
Personal Property Examiner

Mark Lorkowski MCAO (2)
Residential Appraiser

Chris Mattei MCAO (2)
Support Staff

PA 161 of 2013 - Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans
This new law expands the property tax exemption for disabled veterans to include those that are rated permanently and totally disabled with benefits at the 100% rate, unemployable or have received pecuniary assistance for specially adapted housing by the Veterans Administration due to a service-related injury or condition.  Click HERE for the affidavit form which must be filed at the assessors office ANNUALLY with required supporting documentation.  Click HERE for further information.
Personal Property Tax Reform

Beginning with the 2014 tax year, if the combined true cash value of all industrial and commercial personal property owned by, leased to, or in the possession of the owner or a related entity in a local unit is less than $80,000, the personal property may be exempt. Click HERE for more information, including Form 5076 which has to be filed in the assessors office by February 22, 2022.

Beginning with the 2016 tax year, The Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property Essential Services Assessment will be implemented.  More information will be mailed out in December. 

Exemption for NEW Residential Construction (brand new homes)
P.A. 204 of 2013 Exempts from School Operating and State Education Tax, properties defined as “Eligible Development Property” for up to 3 years or until the new construction is no longer located on development property, whichever comes first.  Click HERE for more information.

New Property Transfer Exemption
Beginning 12/31/2014, a transfer of residential real property is NOT a transfer of ownership (for uncapping purposes), if the transferee is related to the transferor by blood or affinity to the first degree and the use of the residential real property does not change following the transfer of ownership. (Affinity to the first degree includes the following relationships: father, mother, son, daughter, adopted son, adopted daughter, grandson and granddaughter.) Proof of relationship is required.  Click HERE for more information.

Property Data Search
Click the image below to access Auburn Hills property data: 


Principal Residence Exemption Laws were updated in 2012.    Click HERE for more information

Hardship Exemptions
The first opportunity to appeal for the 2023 tax season on the basis of financial hardship is at the 2023 July Board of Review. (Applications can also be considered at the 2023 December Board of Review meeting)  Click HERE for the application which must be filled out in its entirety and returned to our office along with ALL supporting documentation by July 1 (for the July meeting) or December 1 (for the December meeting).
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Assessment Change Notices  real property notices will be mailed out on February 16, 2023. 

Property Data Search (BSA Website) information will be updated with assessed/taxable values and building data at the end of February.