Every year, the City of Auburn Hills requires certain types of businesses to obtain a license from the City Clerk's Office.  These establishments are inspected by the Fire Department, Community Development and Police Department to ensure they are compliant with local ordinances.  In addition to inspections, the City also ensures that the local licensed establishments are current on their sewer/water payments and taxes. 

Below is a list of the types of licenses that are required by the City of Auburn Hills.  Each type of license has an initial fee and subsequently a renewal fee.  

If there are questions regarding the process, the City Clerk’s Office is happy to assist you.  For more information please visit the following pages; City Ordinance, the Fee Schedule or  FOIA Information.

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Type of License   Expiration Date   City Code
FOIA   5 Business days   MCL 15.231
Hotels   December 31st   Section 22-174
Ice Cream Trucks   December 31st   Section 22-101
Liquor – New Applications       Section 6-3
Liquor - Renewals   March 30th   Section 6 - 10
Smoking Lounges   March 31st   Section 10-108
Soliciting/Peddling   December 31st   Section 22-101
Trash Hauler   June 30th   Section 54-42
Used Car Lots   May 1st   Section 22-147