Building Services

Community Development / Building Services is pleased to offer online permits and inspection scheduling through BSAonline.  This service eliminates paper permit applications and travel to our offices for Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Sign permits.   Click here to login or set up a new user account. 

Inspections can also be scheduled by calling 248-364-6949 by 4:00pm the day prior to the needed inspection.   

  • Inspections are required after obtaining a building, electrical, plumbing or mechanical permit.  Electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits typically require a rough and final inspection.
  • There may be additional inspections required based on the scope of work.  If you have any questions, please contact the Community Development Department at 248-364-6900 before starting your project.
  • Inspections can be scheduled online at (contact Community Development for assistance in creating your online account) or by calling the Community Development Department Inspection Line  248-364-6949 by 4pm the day prior to the requested inspection date.  
  • When requesting your inspection, please inlcude the following information:
    • Date you want the inspection to occur
    • Type of inspection
    • Address of the job
    • The permit number
    • Name and phone number
  • All inspections are done Monday through Friday.
  • After an inspection has been completed, a sticker will be left on the premises indicating if the inspection was approved or disapproved. 
  • If you have any questions regarding an inspection please call the Community Development Department at 248-364-6900.

Commercial Buildings
The following items must be submitted to the building department at time of application:

  • A complete and signed application
  • $310.00 Application fee
  • 3 Sets of construction drawings including, Plumbing, Electrical, and Mechanical drawings all signed and sealed by a licensed architect or engineer
  • A Copy of the Applicant's Drivers License
  • Completed Hazardous Materials Form
  • A Letter on your Letterhead containing the following information:  name of business, contact information, percentage of usage    (office___ %, Warehouse___%, Other___%), proposed overnight storage, number of employees, last use


Certificate of Occupancy
No building or portion of a building may be occupied until a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued and obtained.  A Certificate of Occupancy will be issued when construction is completed with all applicable codes, and all inspections have been approved.  A Certificate of Occupancy can be obtained the next business day after the last inspection has been approved.  If you have any questions, please contact the Community Development Department at 248-364-6900.
Construction Hours and Debris
Ordinance No. 693 restricts the hours of construction to daylight hours with noise control and days of construction by builders. Please see ordinance for full details. Throughout the year, construction projects are in progress in various locations within the City of Auburn Hills. Although certain inconveniences are to be expected during any type of construction, there may be circumstances where construction debris or other concerns arise outside of the normal anticipated disruptions.

Should any concerns arise please contact the Community Development Department staff at 248-364-6900 during normal business hours.  Please be prepared to provide the Community Development Department staff with your name, address, telephone number, location of concern or problem, and as much detailed information as possible.
Construction Plan Review
Plans must be submitted to the Community Development Department for all commercial and residential construction in Auburn Hills.  For specific submittal requirements for your particular project please contact us.  Residential and commercial building permits can take between 2 to 4 weeks to process.  Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical permits can be obtained online.
Demolition Permits
A permit is required for the demolition of any commercial or residential building.  When submitting for a permit to demolish a building, a written release from all utility companies and Oakland County Health Department for well and septic, also Department of Public Works for sewer and water, indicating that the services have been properly terminated is required.  For more information, please contact the Community Development Department at 248-364-6900
Detached Accessory Buildings
A Building Permit is required for any detached accessory building. All detached accessory buildings must comply with the setbacks for  the zoning district they are in.  3 sets of construction plans must including the following:

  • Exterior elevations, wall section detail, floor plan, truss drawings must be posted on job at rough inspection, all dimensions to be shown on plans
  • 3 site plans showing dimensions of property and location of:  proposed accessory building, including setbacks from all property lines, all existing structures and disstances between proposed accessory building and existing structures, septic field, well, easements, roadways and rights-of-way
  • Copy of builder’s license and Act 135 form if permit is being obtained by a licensed builder.  Homeowner affidavit if permit is being obtained by a homeowner.

Electrical Permits
Electrical permits are required for the installation of new electrical service equipment, existing service relocations, service increases, as well as fixed appliances and equipment connections. Electrical permits are based on the size of service, number of circuits, and type of installation. 
A mechanical permit is required for the installation of a pre-fab fireplace, and must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer specifications. All pre-fab fireplaces must be approved by a nationally recognized testing agency.
Mechanical Permits
Mechanical permits are required for the installation or replacement of any furnace or central air conditioner, duct work installations and gas piping installations. Mechanical permit fees are based on the size of the HVAC units, number of gas outlets and type of installation. 
Ordinance Complaints
Code Enforcement Officers in the Community Development Department enforce City Ordinances.  If you have any complaints regarding abandoned vehicles, junk and debris, tall grass or blight, please contact the Code Enforcement Direct Phone Line at 248-364-6935 or by e-mail at
Plumbing Permits
A Plumbing Permit is required for the installation of any new plumbing fixture, hot water heater, water system supply lines, and any new drain waste or vent pipes. Plumbing Permit fees are based on the number of fixtures, drain lines, size of supply lines, and type of installation.  
Swimming Pools
A Building Permit is required for all above ground and in ground swimming pools containing more than 2 feet of water. An electrical permit is required for the grounding and additional circuits that will need to be installed. All outside pools must be provided with a safety enclosure in compliance with the Building Code.  A copy of the safety enclosure requirements can be obtained at the Community Development Department during regular business hours.
Zoning Ordinance
The City of Auburn Hills Zoning Ordinance controls the location, size and height of structures such as buildings, garages and additions to houses. The Zoning Ordinance also controls what you can do in different parts of the City. For example, you cannot conduct a commercial business in a residential area, except under certain conditions. If you think someone may be violating the Zoning Ordinance or if you have a question about the ordinance please contact the Community Development Department at 248-364-6900 during regular business hours. The Zoning Ordinance is designed to protect city residents, their homes and businesses from conflicting activities nearby.
Zoning Board of Appeals
An application along with the required fee for a variance must be submitted to the Community Development Department staff to be placed on the agenda for the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Various Permit Applications and Forms

regulating hours and days for construction activity
After Hours Construction Application Form
Development Application  
Engineering Plan Review Application
Garage Construction Information Packet
Land Division - Exchange Review Process - Overview
Mobile Home Installation Handout 
Plot Plan Requirements
Site Requirements
PUD Review Process - Overview
Ramp Handout
Rezoning Review Process - Overview
Sidewalk Cafe Application  
Site Plan Checklist
Site Plan Review Process - Overview 
Site Requirements list
Special Inspection Packet 
Special Land Use Permit Review Process - Overview
Spray Booth Handout
Swimming Pool Handout
Temporary Permit Application
Temporary Trailer Handout
TOI - Tenant Occupancy Application Packet
US Post Office Mailbox Handout
Vacant Home Registration Form
Vacant Property Registration Ordinance
ZBA Variance Application Packet
ZBA Review Process - Overview
ZBA Supplemental App