Low Impact Development
What is Low Impact Development (LID) and how does it help?

Clean water resources are the key economic advantage of the City of Auburn Hills and surrounding communities, and the prosperity of Michigan.  Proper stormwater management is an important component of water quality protection.  LID is a way to address the public’s interest in protecting water resources and the private sector’s interest in fostering economic growth.

LID uses a basic principle modeled after nature: manage rainfall by using design techniques that infiltrate, filter, store, use, evaporate, and detain runoff close t the source.  LID provides stormwater benefits, such as groundwater recharge and cleaner streams, increases the urban forest, reduces the urban heat island effect, improves air quality, reduces thermal loading in streams, and enhances communities by making water resources a focal point that residents value.  In short, LID reduces the impacts of stormwater while treating stormwater as a precious resource not, not as waste.

The City of Auburn Hills encourages all to implement LID practices to protect our valued natural resources.

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