Rental Home Registration Information


The City Council adopted Ordinance No. 18-901 on June 11, 2018, which requires the registration of rental or leased detached one-family homes (“rental homes”).  The new program requires that all rental homes within the City are registered, permitted, and inspected to ensure that these homes meet applicable zoning, building, fire, health, and property maintenance codes. 

All rental home property owners must register with the City and obtain a permit to occupy from the City.

If your property is a rental home, complete the Registration Form and Self-Inspection Checklist Form.  Review the Rental Home Property Self-Inspection Guide when performing the Self-Inspection.  If you have been requested to register by the City, but believe that your property is exempt from this Ordinance, fill out the Exemption Form.  Return all forms and documentation to the Community Development Department.  A $200 registration fee and $50 permit to occupy fee will be required per rental home.  Please be advised that property owners who fail to register their rental home may be subject to penalty fees and code enforcement action. 

For more information about this new program, review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) flyer

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