Utility Staking
Call MISS DIG First

Annually there are about 10,000 dig-in damages to underground utility lines in Michigan. If you dig up underground utilities you could disrupt service to your home or your neighbors' homes. You could be fined for the damages. Most importantly of all, you could be putting your safety at risk.

If you plan to use power equipment to dig foundations or post holes, install an in-ground pool or sprinkler system, or plant landscaping, it's important you follow these four steps to Raise the Flags and dig safely.

1. Call MISS DIG at 811 or 800.482.7171 
It's fast, it's free, it's the law. Calling MISS DIG before every job that involves excavating is your first step toward finishing the job safely!

2. Wait until the flags are raised 
Wait at least three business days after calling MISS DIG for local utilities to locate and raise flags over their underground lines.

3. Expose utility lines by hand digging 
Don't make assumptions about the depth and location of utility lines. Dig by hand to expose the lines before using power equipment. Be sure to dig carefully; a sharp shovel can do a lot of unintentional damage.

4. Respect the flags 
Leave the flags in place until your underground work is complete. Make sure children and neighbors know not to remove the flags until the work is done. Avoid driving or parking heavy vehicles or storing construction materials over utility lines when possible. Do not remove the flags unitl the work is completed or after 21 days. 

Help protect your safety and our underground lines. Raise the Flags before you dig!

A reminder to parents: The colorful flags used to mark underground utility lines can be very attractive to young children. Remind children not to remove them. If your child pulls out the utility flags, do not attempt to place the flags back in the ground. Call MISS DIG to indicate you need the utility lines in your yard marked again.

Color Key:

White - Area of Proposed Excavation
Pink - Temporary Survey Markings
Red - Electric
Yellow - Gas, Oil, Steam, Propane
Orange - Phone, Cable
Blue - Water
Purple - Reclaimed Water, Irrigation
Green - Sewer
Gray - Used to Erase Marks

For more information, visit missdig811.org