FD Facilites and Vehicles

Overview of Auburn Hills
 Overview of Auburn Hills

Station Locations


Station One
Located at 3483 Auburn Road in the downtown area. This station houses a 75’ aerial ladder truck, basic life support ambulance, a basic life support equipped engine, and the special response truck.
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Station Two / Administrative Office
Located across from the campus of Oakland University at 1899 North Squirrel Road, this station houses a 75’ aerial ladder truck, an advanced life support equipped engine, an advanced life support ambulance, and a utility vehicle.
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Station Three
Located at 3253 Joslyn Road in the north end of the city. This station houses a 75’ aerial ladder truck, an advanced life support ambulance, as well as a basic life support equipped engine.
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Department Vehicles
Our Fleet
Being a department that handles a 17.4 square mile area with a population of over 25,000 citizens and a daytime population that can rise to over 100,000 people, we have to be prepared to handle all types of emergencies.  The best readiness for incident response is having knowledgeable and professional personnel as well as having capable fleet of vehicles to support our firefighters and emergency medical personnel. The Department’s vehicle fleet includes many differing trucks and engines to help protect the City of Auburn Hills from a variety of accidents and emergencies. Currently, AHFD’s fleet consists of three (3) aerial ladder trucks, four (4) ambulances, two (2) fire engines, two (2) prevention vehicles, one (1) utility truck, two (2) administrative vehicles, and one (1) special response engine, totaling fifteen (15) vehicles in the department's fleet.

Command Vehicle   Command Vehicle - The department purchased a much needed vehicle during 2019 to actively carry out incident command system functions including the safety of all working members at emergency incidents; this vehicle is known as the Command Vehicle. The department’s shift Captain drives this vehicle 24/7 whenever the daily staffing is seven (7) or more and assumes Incident Command responsibilities. This truck purchase allowed the department to be compliant with incident command laws and standards including the National Incident Management System [NIMS], the National Response Framework [NRF], and the National Fire Protection Association [NFPA] 1561 standard on emergency services.

Rescues – Auburn Hills Fire Department provides advanced life support and EMS transportation services with its four (4) Rescue ambulances. All Three ambulances have been equipped with top of the line features and capabilities.





Engines –
 AHFD currently owns two (2) fire engines capable of pumping 1,500 gallons of water per minute, holding and carrying 750 gallons of water, and housing over 2,000 feet of fire hose lines. The fire engines can handle various emergencies including various types of fires, vehicle extrications, and many other hazardous incidents.



Aerial Ladder Trucks –
 AHFD owns three (3) quint trucks, one (1) with a 100’ aerial reach and two (2) with a 75’ aerial reach. All three (3) trucks are equipped to rescue victims with their sticks and can pump and spray water up to the top of each fully extended ladder of 75 and/or 100 feet in elevation. All three aerials also have 1,500 gallons per minute pumping capability, 500-gallon tanks, variety of fire hose lines, and ground ladders.