Animal Rescue


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Animal Response
While the fire department does not specifically handle animal rescues, our personnel still run into situations where swift action is needed to save trapped animals or in situations where Animal Control needs rescue assistance. With the large amount of buildings and businesses in Auburn Hills, animals may become trapped in fences, storm drains, trenches, or other areas in the City.  Many animals that AHFD has rescued include ducklings, cats, dogs, raccoons, and birds. If you find a trapped or injured animal, please call the local animal control department or call dispatch at (248) 370-9444 for assistance.

Dog Rescue 
Dog Rescue Randolph
When our furry best friends escape they can end up in the most 
peculiar of places. Specifically, on October 19th, 2019, when a Maltese mix escaped from his home in Auburn Hills, he actually ran to Fire Station 2 on N Squirrel Road; since he was frightened the pup tried to run through a bar fence which was a bit too small for him causing him to get stuck. After spending a few hours trapped in the fence, personnel found him and were quick to act. Firefighter Tony Randolph along with the assistance of AHPD personnel used the "Jaws of Life" to pry open the fence and extricated the dog. Luckily, the pup did not receive any injuries and only experienced a rough night. After he was rescued, he was returned to his family who welcomed him home with open arms.

Duckling Rescue

 Duckling Rescue
Duckling Rescue
During duckling season when the ducklings leave the nest with their mother, some tragic situations can occur; since the baby ducks are extremely tiny their first few weeks of life, they can easily fall through cracks and small openings, and in this case storm drains. On this particular call in April of 2018, twelve (12) 1-week old ducklings fell into a covered storm drain. AHFD, Michigan State Police, and DPW personnel responded to ensure that the ducklings were rescued safety without any negative occurrences to any personnel or City property. As shown in the image to the left, Firefighter Deming worked both with MSP and DPW while she used a suction bucket secured to a pike pole that was lowered into the drain to safety catch each of the ducklings and return them to their mother who was eagerly awaiting their rescue. Fortunately, the ducklings were rescued safety and were quickly reunited with their mother.