Incident Response
EMS / Medical Response

The Auburn Hills Fire Department (AHFD) is proud to provide full service Advanced Life Support (ALS) care and transportation to its citizens and guests. Medical emergencies comprise the majority of the department's call for service. The department provides a staffed ALS ambulance at each of its three stations.  Each of these ambulances is staffed with well trained, experienced, and caring EMTs equipped with state of the art equipment. All Auburn Hills Fire Department personnel are both Firefighters as well as licensed EMS providers. Department fire trucks are equipped with emergency medical equipment. Occasionally a fire truck will be sent to a medical scene. This is done to provide either additional support on scene or to help provide a faster response if a fire truck is closer than the responding ambulance. 

 Rescue 1 IMG_0003 - Copy Rescue 2 

The Auburn Hills Fire Department currently owns three (3) front-line and one (1) reserve rescue ambulances equipped with top of the line features and capabilities. Each ambulance can provide Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) as well as EMS transportation services.

AHFD uses Mobile Health Resources (MHR) for medical service invoicing and collecting. For any questions regarding an invoice you received for medical services, please call 1-800-903-0107.

Fire Response
Suppression – Fire Engines
AHFD currently owns two (2) fire engines capable of pumping 1,500 gallons of water per minute, holding and carrying 750 gallons of water, and housing over 2,000 feet of fire hose lines. The fire engines can handle various emergencies including various types of fires, vehicle extrications, and many other hazardous incidents.

 Engine 1 - Copy - Copy

Suppression - Aerial Ladder Trucks

AHFD owns three (3) quint trucks, one (1) with a 100’ aerial reach and two (2) with a 75’ aerial reach. All three (3) trucks are equipped to rescue victims with their sticks and can pump and spray water up to the top of each fully extended ladder of 75 and/or 100 feet in elevation. All three aerials also have 1,500 gallons per minute pumping capability, 500-gallon tanks, variety of fire hose lines, and ground ladders.