Misc. 911 Information

If you are driving and pass a stranded motorist or car accident, although it’s not an emergency, we would prefer that you call 911 instead of the non-emergency line.  This is for your safety as well as other motorists, as we’d rather have you dial fewer numbers and keep your attention on the road.  If you have a capable passenger, have them call.

If you have an open-face cell phone, please be aware of where you put it.  Many people put their phones in their pockets, or in a console with other things.  The problem is that we get many 911 calls that are just open lines – we can hear your radio, your conversation, etc., but you can’t hear us saying “hello?”  Many times this is caused by something pressing on the #9 button.  If that button is pushed long enough, the phone will automatically dial 911.

 As calls come in, we will have a mix of emergencies and non-emergencies.  As a result, we cannot give you an estimated time of arrival.  We must prioritize, and depending on the types of calls coming in (even after you call). A non-emergency call may have a longer arrival time than anticipated. While we generally have a fairly quick response, it does happen from time to time, but we will do our best to get an officer to you as soon as possible.