Field Training and Evaluation Program

The Auburn Hills Police Department’s Field Training and Evaluation Program is designed to transition new officers from the knowledge and proficiency gained in the police academy or other jurisdictions, to the application of those skills as a fully competent Auburn Hills Police Officers.

The Auburn Hills Police Department currently utilizes a nationally recognized Field Training and Evaluation program for all new police recruits hired in to the department. This program introduces and trains the recruit police officers on the basic duties and responsibilities required to perform as a certified police officer in the City of Auburn Hills.

The Field Training Program is divided into five training and/or evaluation “steps”, with a minimum requirement of days while assigned to at least three Field Training Officers (FTO’s) and while assigned to various patrol shifts. The assignment to three different training officers allows us to expose the recruit to a variety of styles/tactics and personalities, while passing on the tradition of fair and just policing. FTO’s monitored and evaluate performance in a variety of skill areas and educate the recruit on the policies and procedures of the Auburn Hill Police Department.

After receiving training from three separate FTO’s, the recruit will return to his / her original training officer for a ‘shadow phase’. The FTO shadows the recruit while they perform daily duties and evaluates their ability to perform these duties without the assistance of a training officer.

The balance of the Field Training Program (step V) is solo patrol, where the recruit is evaluated once a month by an FTO on a “checkout ride.” Success of the Field Training Program is achieved after completion of the one-year probationary period.

During this intense training program, the field training officers introduces the recruit officer to the theory of community oriented policing and the dynamics involved in solving core social problems that may exist in the community. The recruit officers are provided individualized instruction during each step of the training program in an effort to learn how to build proactive partnerships with all citizens, business leaders and civic groups represented. Field training officers encourage recruits to "think outside the box" when solving a myriad of social issues that can cause problems for our citizenry. Recruit officers are also trained on various problem solving methods for handling social problems on a daily basis. This proactive training program has experienced great success during the last several years of existence.

We select only the finest veteran police officers to serve as field training officers in this program. The officers who are selected have demonstrated their problem solving ability and community involvement by working with local residents and business leaders to solve a variety of quality of life issues throughout the City of Auburn Hills.

Recruit officers who successfully complete the program will certify for a solo patrol position within the Auburn Hills Police Department. Several of the officers who have worked as field training officers have been elevated to higher levels of responsibility within the department due in part to their enhanced problem solving abilities.

For more information regarding the Field Training Officer program contact:
Lt. Jeremy Stubbs
Phone:  248-364-68886
Fax: 248-370-9365