Autism / Special Needs/ Mental Health Awareness Notification Program

Auburn Hills, MI -
The Auburn Hills Police Department, in conjunction with our “One Mind” campaign, is pleased to now offer the Autism / Special Needs / Mental Health Awareness Notification Program. This program will allow residents to provide voluntary information about a person living at a specific address within the community to the police department.  The information reported will assist responding officers, so that they can respond and communicate appropriately with people who are living with autism, special needs, or mental illnesses.

This program is completely voluntary. Residents can register by completing the form and mail it to the Auburn Hills Police Department, 1899 North Squirrel Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, or submit it electronically to:
Ofc. Joseph Sears at

At the time of submission you will receive a notification sticker that you can place on your door or window as a visual reminder to the officers and fire fighters responding to your home.

About One Mind Campaign
The One Mind Campaign seeks to ensure successful interactions between police officers and persons affected by mental illness. The initiative focuses on united local communities, public safety organizations, and mental health organizations so that the three become "of one mind."

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