AHFD Fire Stations and Vehicles
Fire Station Locations
The Auburn Hills Fire Department consists of three (3) strategically placed fire stations throughout the city to cover 17.4 square miles and over 26,000 citizens. 

Station 1 - 3483 Auburn RD
Station  2 - 1899 N Squirrel RD
Station 3 - 3253 Joslyn RD
Station 1 Station 2 S3
Station 1 is located in Downtown Auburn Hills in the Southern end of the City; where large Public Education events are held such as the department's Annual Fire Prevention Open House held in October.  Station 2 is located directly across from Oakland University's campus and hosts all the administrative personnel and duties while covering the central area of the city and OU's entire campus. Station 3 is located in the Northern part of the city, approximately two (2) miles from the Great Lakes Crossing outlet mall and covers the major industrial portion of the city.

Overview of Fire Stations in Auburn Hills
Overview of Stations
Department Fleet

AHFD’s vehicle fleet includes a variety of vehicles used in the protection of the City of Auburn Hills to mitigate both small and large medical and fire emergencies. At the end of 2020, AHFD own and operate a total of seventeen (17) vehicles which include three (3) administrative vehicles, one (1) command vehicle, two (2) fire prevention vehicles, one (1) utility vehicle, four (4) rescue ambulances, two (2) fire engines, three (3) aerial ladder trucks and one (1) special response vehicle.

EMS - Rescues
All AHFD’s four (4) State licensed Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances are equipped to handle Medical First Responder (MFR), Basic Life Support (BLS), and Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency medical services and transportation. 
Suppression - Fire Engines

One of the most used suppression vehicles that not only transports firefighting personnel to the scene but also carries all necessary tools/equipment to the scene is the fire engine. The Fire Department currently has two (2) fire engines, both of our 2009 and 2015 engines have a 750-gallon water tank, a 30-gallon foam tank and can pump 1,500 gallons of water per minute. Each vehicle carries 1000 ft of 4” large diameter hose, 600 ft of 2.5” hose and 900 ft of 1.75” hose to fight different type of fires and to assist neighboring fire departments. Each engine also has the needed tools to handle vehicle accidents with or without patron entrapments, small spills, and many more rescue emergencies. These engines are also capable of providing BLS medical services

In 2020, AHFD put together a committee consisting of fire personnel to form what is called the Fire Apparatus Committee. This committee had the responsibility to gather information to spec out a new fire engine for the fire department. The committee completed the engine specs and procured new Rosenbauer engine in January of 2020 with the anticipated delivery date of June 2021. This fire engine will significantly add to the complement of fire apparatus at AHFD.

Suppression - Aerial Ladder Trucks
In addition to the fire engines in the fire department there are three (3) aerial ladder trucks or “Quints” that are similar in nature. Two (2) of the aerial/Quints are 1997’s vehicles and have a 500-gallon water tank with a 75-foot extendable/ retractable articulating ladder, a compliment of ground ladders ranging from 16 ft to 35 ft, 1,000 ft of 4” large diameter hose, 400 ft of 2.5” hose, 500 ft of 1.75” with both aerials’ having the capability of pumping 1,500 gallons of water per minute. The third aerial/Quint is a 2018 with a 400 gallon water tank, a 30 gallon foam tank, a 100-foot extendable/ retractable articulating ladder, 950 ft of 5” large diameter hose, the same amount of ladders and smaller diameter fire hoses, and is capable of pumping 2,000 gallons of water per minute.

The fire apparatus committee was again tasked with the gathering of ideas and information to spec out a new aerial ladder truck for purchase. The aerial specs were put out for bid at the beginning of 2021.These designs and specs will be reviewed the first couple of weeks of February 2021. The anticipated delivery date for this vehicle will be in 2022.


Special Response Unit
The Auburn Hills Fire Department has personnel that are trained and certified in technical rescue and hazmat. The personnel with this specialized training and certification belong to a county wide team called the North Oakland County Technical Rescue or Hazmat teams that respond to hazardous material related situations, trench rescue, high and low angle rope rescues, confined space rescues, structural collapse rescues and heavy machine rescues not just in our city but throughout Oakland county and even outside of the county. The fire department has a special response vehicle that carries specialized equipment for our personnel to initiate one of the disciplines until the county team can arrive with a larger cache of equipment that will be used to mitigate the situation.