Incident Response
Whenever suppression crews are needed for fire or fire-related incidents, these events are separated and sorted by  National Fire Incident Reporting System classifications. The chart below shows, of the sixty-eight (68) fire related incidents in 2021, the largest number of incidents were structure fires, numbering thirty-three (33). The second largest amount of calls were related to vehicle fires accounting for twenty-two (22) incidents, followed by outdoor rubbish fires which numbered six (6) incidents.

2021 - Copy (3)

In 2021, AHFD responded to a total of 4,151 calls
for service (average of 11.37 per day) with
emergency medical service calls accounting forIncident Calls by Year72.2% of all calls. From 2020 to 2021, there was
an increase in calls by 566, or 15.8% increase.