Forester Square Road Paving Special Assessment

Overhead view of Forester Square
Where is Forester Square?
Forester Square is located on South Adams Rd near the Meijer and Old Adams Rd

How does the Road Paving Special Assessment work?
If you would like to inquire about a property that has the Forester Square Road Paving Special Assessment, you can now find the information on Oakland County Property Gateway. The special assessment information is located at the bottom of the current tax profile.

If the property is sold, transfers ownership, or is refinanced, the special assessment must be paid in full.  The City of Auburn Hills will not subordinate the lien. 

For complete details on the special assessment, please view the Forester Square Road Paving Special Assessment Resolution. 

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When the special assessment is paid in full, the City will discharge the lien approximately three (3) weeks after payment is received.  If you need a discharge of lien the same day, payment must be in the form of cash.  The City will then give you the discharge of lien to file with the Oakland County Register of Deeds (located at 1200 N. Telegraph Rd., Pontiac, MI).

Forester Square Road Paving Special Assessment Fast Facts:

  • The assessment began in 2011 and continues for 15 years
  • Installments are billed once a year on November 1st and are due by December 1st
  • 5% interest is added on October 1st of each year to the remaining balance of the assessment
  • You can apply more than the installment amount to bring down your balance
  • It will not advance your payment date
  • If your installment goes unpaid, it will be transferred to the next winter property tax bill