NIXLE Notifications

The City of Auburn Hills Police Department has established a Community Notification Service so that you may recieve very important information, via your cell phone and/or email.  Nixleis a free service and can be found at  The information you enter is stored in a third party server which is under the control of Nlets, the International Justice and Information Network.  This system is very secure against hackers and the information is not sold to any one.  No message has advertising of any kind.  This database cannot be accessed by any governmental units, its purpose is strictly to send messages to the subscribers.

Signing up is very easy!  You can sign up to receive messages sent on Nixle for your home, work, and school addresses.  So whether you live, work, learn, or play in Auburn Hills this system can keep you informed of ALERTS sent out by the Police Department for our community.  Some examples of ALERTS are: a hazardous material release, lockdown of a school, major utility loss, criminal at large. 

The system sends digital messages so you will receive a short text message (SMS) to your cell phone and a longer message to your email. 

This system is not available for hard line or VoIP phones. 

This system was selected as it is a free service to both subscriber and the Police Department.  You may recieve a fee on your cell phone if you pay for receiving text messages. 

The Police Department will only send out ‘test’ messages biannually to remind subscribers of the service and any comments from subscribers about the service. 

If you have questions please go to for more information or call 248.370.9444.