About the Department

The City of Auburn Hills is a distinguished leader in southeast Michigan, known not only for its 22 high-technology parks but also for having world-renowned retail, entertainment, and manufacturing. Home to more than 23,000 residents, it also serves as Michigan's global business address, with 40 international corporations from 32 countries, including many world and North American headquarters. Auburn Hills' residents enjoy the amenities of city and suburban living with parks, a revitalized downtown district and a welcoming city complex with a library and community center. Additionally, the city has four colleges and universities and is the proud home of Oakland University. The City of Auburn Hills prides itself on being a great place to live, work and play. The retail district is home to the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets, one of the state's largest destination shopping centers, providing a variety of cultural, social and educational opportunities to residents, workers, and visitors and sits adjacent to Michigan's only Top Golf a premier entertainment venue. Each year the City of Auburn Hills welcomes more than 3 million visitors.

MACP Accreditation

The Auburn Hills Police Department (AHPD) provides the highest level of professional law enforcement services to the residents, businesses, students and visitors to the City of Auburn Hills. In 2019, AHPD became one of 19 police agencies out of more than 400 in the State of Michigan to become voluntarily accredited. This accreditation standard means that AHPD is continually striving to meet and exceed the best practice standards for law enforcement that have been established through the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police.

The department consists of 56 sworn law enforcement personnel. The department is led by a leadership team consisting of the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police and 3 administrative Lieutenants that command different divisions within the department. The Support Services Division, consisting of Community Engagement, Property and Evidence, Technical Services and the Records Bureau is commanded by Deputy Chief Scott McGraw. The Investigations Division, consisting of the Criminal Investigations Division (5 Detectives), Special Investigations Unit Officer, Narcotics Enforcement Team Officer, FBI Oakland County Gang and Violent Crimes Task Force Officer, School Resource Officer and Court Officer as well as a civilian Investigations Technician is commanded by Lieutenant Brandon Hollenbeck. The Operations Division, consisting of 5 Police Sergeants and 24 Police Officers divided into 4 patrol shifts to provide 24 hour/7 Day Police coverage to the city as well as the Police Cadet program is commanded by Lieutenant Jeremy Stubbs and Lieutenant Michelle Hesse. 

The department handles nearly 30,000 calls for service annually in service to a 16.64 square mile jurisdiction with more than 25,000 residents. AHPD prides itself on a community policing oriented approach to law enforcement with personnel routinely interacting with people in the city, hosting trainings around the city and providing a wide variety of law enforcement related programs.    
Updated ORg Chart 2022

Mission, Vision and Values

The Auburn Hills Police Department's mission is to continually improve the safety and quality of life within our community, through a broad base of traditional and innovative services while protecting constitutional and basic human rights. All members of this department will at all times stand accountable for their conduct.

Let it be recognized that the Auburn Hills Police Department is made up of individuals with various backgrounds and experience who have joined together with the shared belief that the values expressed herein shall be conspicuous in all our efforts to carry forth the mission of the organization.


We value, and are dedicated to, honest, loyal, and truthful behavior. We believe in the basic human right of all people to be treated equally, with dignity, courtesy, and respect under all circumstances.

We value all who demonstrate self motivation, pride in work, performance, patience and a willingness to cooperate with others.

We value service as the foundation of this Department. Striving for excellence, using efficiency as our guide, emphasizing that the only service which we will not perform, is poor service.

Work Environment 
We value a positive work environment, which is safe, conducive to creativity and innovation, with opportunities for individual and collective growth, development, recognition and reward.