Tax Increment Finance Authority

Tax Increment Financing is a mechanism which allows a municipality to create districts in development areas showing evidence of deteriorating property values, and then capture taxes generated from new capital investment within those districts. The captured taxes are used to finance public improvements to the district, including infrastructure improvements such as roads, water, sewer and site development.
The Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) is the Board charged with the responsibility for developing long-range plans designed to halt the decline of property values and to promote the growth of the development areas and to implement those plans.  The Authority meets on the second Tuesday of each month.  If you are interesting in serving on the Tax Increment Finance Authority, please contact our Clerk's Office and apply.

Financial Incentives
TIFA Site Improvement Grant Program
TIFA Business Recruitment Grant Program

TIFA Records and Documents
Adopted Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and Development Plan
2022 Annual Report
2021 Annual Report
2020 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report

TIFA Financial Report
Annual Budgets
Annual Audits
PA 57 Annual Financial Report - FY21
PA 57 Annual Financial Report - FY20
PA 57 Annual Financial Report - FY19

2018-2023 Meeting Minutes

2018-2023 Meeting Packets

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Tax Increment Finance Authority Board of Directors

Member Term Ending
Dr. Patricia Dolly      02/28/2023
Tim Carrier      12/04/2023
Cody Eldredge      02/28/2025
Paul Gudmundsen      02/28/2025
Mike Kneffel      02/28/2025
Ron Moniz      02/28/2025
Steve Goodhall       02/28/2027
Bob Waltenspiel      02/28/2027

Staff Contact Information

Brandon Skopek, Assistant City Manager, TIFA Executive Director

Completed TIFA Projects in FYE 2022 Upcoming TIFA Projects in FYE 2023 
  • Completed the installation of a new gazebo in Riverside Park
  • Installation of a new play structure in River Woods Park
  • Installed a new public art sculpture in Riverside Park as part of the Downtown Public Art Initiative
  •  Pathway Maintenance
  • Completed the Riverside Park streambank stabilization project
  •  Opdyke Road streetscape improvements 
  • Successfully executed the sale of property for redevelopment in downtown Auburn Hills
  •  Overhead streetlight replacements
  • Completed the Skate Park redevelopment project
  •  Community Center kitchen renovation project
  • Provided funding for the Clinton River Trail resurfacing project
  •  Community Center building and security upgrades

  • Provided funding for the replacement of decorative streetlights downtown
  •  Installation of a digital sign on the Municipal Campus

  • Completed the construction of the Seyburn Pavilion parking lot and Municipal Campus pathways
  • Provide funding for building renovations at Fire Station 2

  • Provided funding for the new Fire Department Administration Building on the Municipal Campus

  • Maintenance Improvements - Irrigation, Plantings and Mulch

  • Maintenance Improvements - Irrigation, Lighting, Plantings and Mulch

TIFA Contracts

Maintenance Agreement - Johnson Controls Fire Protection - 2020
Fire Suppression System Maintenance for Authority-Owned Buildings

Maintenance Agreement - Illuminating Concepts - 2020
Downtown Audio System Maintenance

Maintenance Agreement - Miller Landscape - 2019
Mowing  Services

Maintenance Agreement - Miller Landscape - 2019

Horticultural Services

Maintenance Agreement - Miller Landscape - 2019
Downtown Snow Removal Services

Maintenance Agreement - OTIS Elevator Company - 2018
Municipal Parking Structure Elevator Maintenance

Lease Agreement - Auburn Hills Housing, LLC - 2016

Parking Space Lease Agreement

Lease Agreement - Hyde Associates, LLC - 2022
Parking Space Lease Agreement

Lease Agreement - Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce - 2010
Commercial Gross Lease Agreement