Speed Painting at Summerfest

On Saturday, June 21, 2014, in conjunction with the Auburn Hills/DIA "Art Find" program, many Summerfest patrons participated in an art scavenger hunt! They were given an art map and asked to gather the titles and artists for each of the beautiful works located in Downtown Auburn Hills. All of the entries had a chance to win the amazing painting created by speed painter, Martina Hahn, on the main stage on Saturday. The Speed Painting program by Martina Hahn was a program called "Cool things about the Great Lakes" and included facts about our region and several legends, such as the Petoskey Stone, SS Edmund Fitzgerald and others. It took a mere 6 minutes for her to paint the picture! Congratulations to Mary Ann Newton who won the painting!

To check out more fabulous paintings by Martina Hahn, visit http://m-art-ina.com/