City Council Adopts Goals for 2014

The Auburn Hills City Council has adopted a new set of goals for the 2014 year.

City Council
2014 Strategic Goals

I. Continue relentless fiscal sustainability
  • Continually update/evaluate the 5-year financial plan
  • Update/evaluate the capital improvement plan
  • Emphasize operational efficiencies
  • Reevaluate the overall investment plan for greater returns
  • Maintain a general fund balance of 50% or more
II. Deliver outstanding city services
  • Raise staff educational credentials
  • Evolve emergency services to address future demands
  • Support the library
  • Prioritize infrastructure needs
  • Reinforce existing high quality service culture (employees as ambassadors)
  • Respond to differing generational needs
              -Services to teens
              -AARP pilot/Community for a Lifetime
III. Drive smart community development
  • Continue downtown development & expansion
  • Continue initiatives to attract new commercial/industrial development
                -Butler Rd., University Dr. bridge, Taylor Rd.
  • Develop a residential plan which includes seniors to youth
  • Develop a plan to address vacant retail storefronts
  • Collaborate with neighboring local units for optimal compatibility of development
  • Adjust/fine tune economic incentive programs
  • Protect/enhance neighborhoods
  • Help facilitate a Pontiac School resolution
IV. Leverage University/College Assets
  • Brand Auburn Hills as a center of higher education
  • Create a welcoming environment for students
  • Develop student transit
  • Introduce/integrate Auburn Hills into the OU community – students, faculty
             -Cooley, OCC, Baker, OU/Wm. Beaumont Med School as well
  • Expand & strengthen relationships with higher ed. leaders
             -Address “OU as an island” perception – reduce barriers 
             -Host a VIP event
  • Encourage university/college ancillaries downtown
V. Engage citizens
  • Develop comprehensive generational initiatives
                -Teen programs (consider creation of a citizens advisory committee, incl. members from    
                 schools, churches, emergency services, the Parks & Rec Director, Great Lakes
                 Crossing, & teens)
                -Community for a Lifetime
  • Conduct a citizen survey (independent)
  • Make better use of TV, website, municipal events
  • Encourage more citizen participation on boards & committees
VI. Lead Environmental Stewardship
  • Continue discussion of/investigate burning impact
  • Educate about/encourage/promote recycling
  • Continue Clinton River stewardship
  • Protect the natural beauty/resources/character of Auburn Hills
  • Pursue green building initiatives
  • Encourage the use of alternative energy