Great Lakes Crossing Outlets – Shooting Threat ***UPDATE***
Auburn Hills, MIApril 10, 2023— On April 10, 2023, Investigators are still working to identify the two individuals who were handcuffed because of the fight in the food court. The handcuffed persons are both described as juvenile females. These two females are not believed to be responsible for yelling “shots fired." However, we strongly urge them to contact the police department immediately. Contacting the police department will reduce any embarrassment that could take place during the investigation.

We continue to work with the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets Security Department to collect and scour video to identify the person(s) responsible for starting the panic and chaos by yelling that someone was shooting people. We are collecting all 911 call recordings from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Central Dispatch to follow up on all possible leads.
This incident is an open investigation. We will release video and 911 audio recordings at the appropriate time.

The above update is regarding the April 8, 2023, incident, where Officers from the Auburn Hills Police Department were taking an unrelated theft report in the food court at the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets when a group of juveniles started to fight. Officers intervened to separate the individuals fighting. While doing so, an Officer deployed their taser to subdue a combative person. During this incident, an unknown person yelled, “Shots Fired!” Patrons inside the food court and around the mall started to run outside and away from the mall. Social media and 911 calls were inundated with reports of an active shooter inside the mall. The Officers handling the assault and battery situation were overwhelmed by the large crowd running. They called for backup, and police officers from numerous agencies in Oakland County responded to assist. The mall was searched, and it was confirmed that no shots were fired and no one was injured.

During the initial fight, two individuals were secured in handcuffs. Those individuals fled the mall and have not been located.

We continue to ask the public for their assistance. Anyone who witnessed this incident or has information regarding the handcuffed females is asked to call the Auburn Hills Police Department at 248-370-9444.

Media Contact:
Scott McGraw, Deputy Chief of Police
Auburn Hills Police Department
Office: 248-364-6862